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3com Palm III, older pDA/palm, anyone had/got one?


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I found one in my attic, weird, never had one myself, maybe a buddy left it behind.

It's got Palm System OS v.3.0

i have had a ridiculous time finding any updates, software, drivers, whatever is needed.

I do know i DO not have the cd's that came with it, there is a "desktop" utility im sure, and i've seen updates to like, Palm Sys OS v.4.1 or something.

I just wanna get games on it, it's stating it's NEVER been "Hot Sync'D"

I have the base that comes with it, and it attatches via COM port.

any help or direction as far as desktop interaction software and hot sync software, as well as mini apps, games, etc.

wow that would be great, my 11 year old nephew is stoked to use it at skooL this year.

peas and thanx.

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Yeah.. i have an original palm with software... Let me do some looking and i will get you the software.. i might need to email it to you so i need a contact address.. https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?topic=513.0  take a look at what I have..

Palm Desktop for Hot sync: http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/windesk414.html

Apps and downloads (anything with 3.0 listed should work):http://www.tucows.com/downloads/Windows/PDA/PalmOS/Games/

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Thanx swimmer, I've been OCD about it, and already with palm os 4.1 now, im hot sync'ing games n using eudora to surf around. HAHAH it's old but MAN they powerful for a handheld, IM GONNA GO play FROGGY!!!!!


something to do while sitting at doctors appts and such, instead of a freekin laptop.

thanx for the info and or effort

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