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  1. well, YOU think it's worthless, I don't.. it doesn't cost much more, and i'd rather know I am rated at 3.2Gig then have to oC anything, I run about 91*F C after gaming, core shutdown is 140*F, (what i have it set to), I don't want to raise it much more, because I haven't installed the orb fans I want, or the proper cooling system, relying on the PS fan, the CPU fan, rear case fan, and lower front case fan, all are about 3200cfm, I would prefer 6000+cfm, once I acheive these additions, I may OC even what I have, and break 4gig.. only once the machine is antiquated, running hot from overclocking raises the temp, which shortens system life. oblivion, nuff said.
  2. im guessing you have MORE nesticle roms then anyone on this planet.
  3. Wow even cooler, when is adobe gonna get they crap together, Photoshop 11, Illustrator 11, Premiere Pro, alll fully functional, all contact adobe online, all update,SWIM has use of all online adobe documents, images, fonts, media library, and forum... insane. Most Professionals, that work for business's, don't have to buy their own software, last place I did texturing for stacked my studio full,.they pay mega bux for multi license's, colleges offer Learning Editions, with a few clicks of the mouse, and 2 hours, SWIM has multi apps all 5 or 6 versions newer.. insane. and to think these proggy geeks that actually write the code for windows, and other apps dont know how to get on p2p? or IRC? or how to freekin use google to search "p2p" you're mistaken, they know. oh yeah Troll: I tried in a vague attempt to get to know you better, click the "click here" "and me" on your sig, that's great info, but, u never even posted on those? can u expound on why those r there? anyhow. I could care less if you agree or agree to disagree,
  4. gamers choice AMd 64bit 4500+ 4 gig pc3800 or higher (dual inline) SLI PCI-E graphics accelerator, no less then Geforce 7800gtx or X850XL pci-e graphics.
  5. lol "where is the motivation to innovate if there is no way to make a buck off the innovation " wow thats how linux went from Unix to some of the greater OS's today. Gates has been "innovating" windows to death... XP STILL isn't what he promised win95 to be... give it to the people, let us do the work, he makes plenty off the MSN messenger POP UPS we get. as far as being proud??? no, im embarrassed I HAVE To use windows. I can't even use a Mac fluidlly if i were to ONLY own a Mac. here is my last word... people have been making money off of us for so long, that we need a break... I get taxed 1/3 on my income, then when i buy groceries i get taxed 10 percent, then my property gets taxed... my gas is .74 cents tax, i mean, take a 31 thousand a year income, and REALLLY break down what YOU GET, it's like, 1/8th of your income, the rest, goes to Bill gates,,, and taxes. again, all the more reason to avoid getting taxed on my MUSIC ahahahah... u guys are so politically correct, im dying here... no rogues left on the internet huh? wow.
  6. well, hows that Dell treating you? i personally can't stand proprietary architectures like Dell, HP, gateway, etc... Home builds are cheaper, more stable, and not pre infected with ad/spyware.. as far as using an illegal copy of XP, On my laptop, it's a legal copy, on my desktops, they are a little vanilla... fully updated, and work fine.. NOW, I'm completely moving to 64bit processing, which means I am going to be purchasing a VLK 64bit XP pro, or, Vista, dunno if i want to wait for Vista, and I'd rather buy Vista after a second Service pack or something like that... anyhow, Vanilla copies of XP are ok for 32bit i guess, and i don't understand why we have to pay so much for an OS... but anyhow again, I WILL be purchasing the 64bit versions. ehk to 32bit. solaris X for 64bit is smoking, but, im not a scientist, just a home user/ work user... why is everyone so afraid of admitting they use a vanilla copy of XP? NOW someone said something about "Open Source" and it's crap, well, I've always been a linux user, and do feel that all knowledge should be made readily available for anyone, up to and including coded software. again, my opinion... and yeah, i bet half of those that have posted saying they DONT use a vanilla copy... actually do. My media center PC is even a 5n1 version from winbeta
  7. well, u dont see him crying and dragging everyone to court. metallica fueled the RIAA campaign along with the closing of napster.
  8. no, im saying it's legal for YOU to dowload a backup copy, or mAKE a backup copy. im not justifying it at all, i don't personally have a lot of the stuff i've downloaded, people get caught for using known popular p2p networks, imho, irc behind some stuff seems to be safer, and, the servers can be faster. i think they look at hosts with 1000 plus mp3's, and go for them, most instances you hear of it's LOTS of mp3's, as far as software, or movies, or media other then music, u don't hear about that, just music. im sure Gates knows everyone on earth uses a jacked copy of XP.
  9. Owning a digital backup is NOT illegal, downloaiding and file sharing is NOT illegal... so long as u own the original, that's one way to look at it. I personally dont think that file sharing should ever be illegal, it's digital content. not tangible... ok, but that can be debated eternally. still yet, i've paid major bucks for tapes back in the 80's, 15 bux for the INXS cassette i bought. 15 dollars, for analog cassette, back in 1980 something. That is outrageous. shoulda cost like 2 bux a tape. if even that. so, i've been raped by the recording industry for 20 years for tapes, concerts, NO LESS then 20 bux for a ticket ever, tshirts, paraphenelia, LP's, cd's, and now, the instant delivery of music to my pc. with all this new licensing, with windows media player 10.x EHK!!!! i don't like that, hope winamp don't take that on. then again, alot of linux players, dont require much of anyhthing, but the software, the file, and hit play. 13.4 Gig .mp3 .m4a/.mp4 138.7 Gig full lp's 188 Gig Movies 21.5 Gig Music Video thing is, i dont use p2p,l usually IRC.
  10. if the dlink airplus translates TCP/IP, then yes it will work.
  11. tennesseeme


    ok duh i got blunted, brb then. 624 or 624+ actually there are several revisions of that router, and being specific is necessary when it comes to firmware. http://support.dlink.com/products/revision.asp <---- crappy link BRB again, updating your ROUTERS firmware, has NOTHING to do with Comcast. and the motorala sb5120, should be your ISP's (Comcasts) MODEM not your router, u know, it's plugged into your WAN port on your dlink router. select your model #, please veiw all the revisions, http://support.dlink.com/, finding a 3rd party firmware flash on futuremark may be a better option, and may not take as long.
  12. tennesseeme


    (well thats for the Comcast update one) what??? what does Comcast have to do with updating your routers firmware? ok lets try this, i'll scroll up too to see if i missed it, complete name, and model # of your router. You use Comcast so u use a motorala sb5120? yeah no, u didnt specify your hardware, specify your hardware lets see what kinda firmware we can dig up?
  13. WinMX is no more, uh, DUH!!!!! good p2p's limewire bearshare imesh GreesyFiles IRC
  14. formerly Madonion, but , http://www.futuremark.com, best tech site out there. I don't think they are looking for affiliation since they the creators of Sysoft Sandra and 3d Benchmark... they make they cheez.
  15. I personally wouldnt use tthe netgear crap, and , I'm a comcast customre, and work there, and have NEVER EVER EVER SEEN a netgear combo, and im a product specialist, we dont use them, we have a contract with Motorola. [me=tennesseeme]smells something stinky.[/me]
  16. go into your power managment options, rightclick desktop, properties, screensaver tab, hit power, hibernate, enable hibernate, also, turn power scheme to always on first, this will allow stanby hibernate to be an option. also set your machine to "always on" under schemes.
  17. hardware may not be ACPI compliant, but i can't see XP installing completely without stop screening if this was the case.
  18. reminds me of what my cmd entries looked like after getting "nuked" back when i first started using win98 and playing HalfLife mod's, don't piss off an admin in TFC!
  19. ^^ amen! I have driven around my hometown, with my PDA that has wireless, going down my business district, i can log on to about 6 different insecure BUSINESS networks, this is sad. I haven't done it to be mischevious though, and steal their bandwidth, or even files, etc. no snooping in otherwords, it's just ridiculous how many business's dont know what they doing, top 4 networks locally that SCARE the sheeet out of me coz i use these business's, Local Pharmacy, (name withheld so i don't get sued, a BANK not three buildings down, a pawn broker, McDonalds, and to add a fifth in, our Utility Board, I walked into the Bank, because I USE this bank, and showed them, IT was swiftly in the lobby taking me upstairs.. I did not get in trouble by any chance, I was praised and thanked. I went into the pharmacy, because I use this pharmacy, and showed them, they put me on the phone with IT/ISS again, problem fixed, I got a free cherry coke from the fountain. THe pawn broker, he didn't care, wtf, he gets what he deserves right? McDonalds, LOL, they didn't know what i was talking about, then i showed them i could pull up, and manipulate their inventory, timeclock, and recipes, as well as access employee files, and schedules, I waited 1 hour and 30 mins for district manager to get there, I was offered a job. I refused, as I dont want to flip burgers, LOL, j/k, they offered me an ISS job... I refused.. I am not gonna piss in a cup for mcdonalds. for any position, it's mcdonalds, and I like my herb, I get chemo weekly. As far as residential gateways? Six or Seven in my neighborhood, I can access 2, but, i know the people, and i set them secure, but still have access, as they want me to have it, coz i they fix it guy. again, this is why i remain WIRED in this age of wireless, my bandwidth is MY bandwidth, even if a WiLAN is secure, it's still able to be seen by other WiFi devices. I dont like that, me being wired, and not wireless, my router/ip shows up as a blackhole. And I like that, "bow down, before the one u serve, u gonna get what u deserve, HEAD LIKE A HOLE, DARK AS YOUR SOUL< id rather die, then give you contrOL."
  20. tennesseeme


    I most certainly DMZ my console, make sure your ip's haven't jumped around. Re port forward everything.
  21. if u have people pirating access, i'd disable all file and printer sharing, and make everything password protected... then disable and reconfig the network, and reset your routers pass... im bored, im going to play video games. sorry bout your security issues. unleash a virus to them.
  22. set encryption, and your pgp key, and also , set a router password. other then default. this is exaclty why i remain wired. I feel more secure that way.
  23. yeah i forgot that one thanks for bringing that to everyones attention, stick to the basics, no one needs to install half the stuff they think they do, I like my system running LEAN.
  24. go to start, run, type cmd, hit enter, type net user, hit enter. no need for 3rd party. go to start, run, type cmd, hit enter, type net localgroup even better type net, hit enter, and see the other options. and of course, netstat to veiw all connections.
  25. yeah def good for antiquated machines, im STILL having issues with Ksnapshot im gonna get a diff snapshot utility from CNR in a bit.
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