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  1. in 9 years of using p2p, this is my first virus... I'm not the one needing a lesson in this, I just wanted to warn people that the LIMEWIRE UPDATER, not some random file, gave me the virus, i know what and what not to download. now i wish i would have never started this thread.. p2p is NOT a bad thing, people are.
  2. LOL I can't figure out how to take screenshots with Linspire, I hit prnt scrn, and it takes u to the top of any given menu that's in the foreground. I use Ksnapshot, and it only allows you to take one of the IMMEDIATE screen, I can't show menu's, i can pop up apps, and take a screen, but that's now really what I wanna show. k, so im reading up on it.
  3. uhm, READ the thread, especially my first post, Was this not the exact same thing I said?
  4. I'm assuming your talking about other people. and not advising ME to use these utilities, because I do, and I'm trying to get the point across, that if your a lime wire user, you know about the update auto downloading into your library... now.. I've explained this 11 times i think. as far as im concerned, this thread went way south, and the same info is being repeated, over, and over and over again. [me=tennesseeme]is bored.[/me]
  5. The legality of P2P isnt whats in question here, and as far as randomly downloading everything I see, not happening, i've been using p2p of one kind or another for many many years. Limewire will auto download any new updates, it downloads just like any other file. i've done this many times, using the download to upgrade. IT JUST so happened that this ONE time that I did, I ended up with a worm. So, im not a nub, and why change the thread topic like that. The thread won't be locked, because no one is discussing downloading pirated software, and discussing ip swapping to get each others files. I just gave a fair warning about the update that hit limewire recently, apparently someone modified their copy, to infect others with it, considering It downloads from multiple hosts at once, and peices the bits together. wow. lame.
  6. here is how I got infected... I trusted the limewire update, I exec'd it, it did an "install wizard" that didn't look authentic, I exited it... I went to regedit to try and see if it installed anything new there. When I exec'd regedit, a dos box came up and said .....connecting to regeditbot.com... connecting... 5....4....3... I unplug ethernet cable. I was like wtf hell i aint seen nothing like this since i got nuked over Counter Strike beta back in 1999. I immediately downloaded AVG free, Adaware, and Spybot S&D, and using them all in conjunction seems to have fixed my problem. considering it's a worm, I half expect to find it again, considering I was chasing it from directory to directory to directory to directory to directory last night. google VB.CC, I haven't yet, I don't wanna know! LOL!!!! just be careful, if you're a limewire user, update limewire via the site, not the installers that auto download to u into your library, and try not to share the file if it DOES go into your library. Trojan Description: A seemingly legitimate computer program that has been intentionally designed to disrupt and damage computer activity. Trojans are sometimes used in conjunction with viruses. A backdoor Trojan is a program that allows other computer users to gain access to your computer across the internet. considering I was fine BEFORE I exec'd this crap... that would be the only way you could get it i would assume, search your pc for VB.C , if it finds returns u screwed.
  7. Ok, I just purchased a copy of Linspire 5.0. I'm curious if anyone here uses this OS or has any knowledge of it and the CNR factory. Here in a bit after the install, I'll post some screenshots. I've always been a fan of putting linux os's on antiquated machines. It seems to work best that way. I've used old beta versions of Lindows OS, the previous name of Linspire.. very funny story about that, in short: Bill sues mp3.com owner for starting LindowsOS coz the name is CLOSE to Windows, and it would confuse granny faye that's lookin for windows on the shelf. Michael takes it to court, WINS, Bill don't own LINDOWS, and the judge saw NO likeness, THEN Bill goes to pay Michael HANDSOMELY NOT to use the name, and , you know what? THEY ALREADY decided to use the name Linspire, before Bill even took them to court, basically, it was a big scheme so they could get the capital to start up CNR on super phat pipes, and make the new OS version. It's a debian based heavilly KDE Linux'ish OS. more Linux then anything, basically a Walmart Flavor of Debian KDE. considering, Lindows machines and Lindows is sold in walmart. OOPS i mean LinsPire os It was cheap, don't ask why.
  8. so, u may or may not use LimeWire.. I used to.. If you do use it, you are familiar with a new version coming out, and auto downloading into your limewire library. Usually, I've had no problem with this... but the downside is, your downloading off of other users.. not directly from the site. anyhow... I've been cleaning up this mess for a while. *editing image size brb oksorry
  9. welcome back! I assume u were before my time then! I know i fell in love with testmy.nets speed test, and it's accuracy. Then came the forums, so far decently mature, and when it gets immature, it's simply funny. 18K reg'd users? that's a good bit..
  10. this the machine i web surf and run my DoD: Source HLDS from.
  11. since bandwidth is NEVER constant, everything looks fine with either browser, just DO NOT Use IE anymore, it's antiquated and bug filled, it's like, a MircosoftVirusBrowser.. it should just say, Select your new Virus here, Select your new Adware here, Select your new SPyWare here.
  12. no box works with Comcast, but Comcasts box... if you know any Comcast techs, they can help you out on that, if they are like that. that's illegal to steal cable Coaxial is Coaxial, the BEST coaxial, is whats on the back of a Comcast truck. Signal to Noise ratio is determined by your "HeadEnd" and how far away the nearest signal amp is. The "Head End" is the little atmospherically controlled hut that Comcast has, where fiber goes into a rack, and wallah, sends you interent. If your 1 amp away, your signal to noise will be low... if you are 5 signal amps away, your signal to noise will be high, this is only ONE factor, there are many, like, how many on your node, does your node split, has there been tree damage on the line in the past... someone stealing cable?, Cable theft is the #1 cause of high S/N ratio, and packet loss. Dern right it would be bestest'es!!! oh, and I know your not trying to be a criminal asking about the cable deal, with HBO, Im just manipulative, The guy that came to install my stuff, I went to school with, he "Forgot" to filter out HBO and Showtime, and I "remembered" to give em a big bag of weeeeeed.
  13. O.S. Linux is no different then any other linux ran in +KDE... that screenshot is simply that, Linux Kernel with a pretty kde front end. I use linux on one of my machines, it would be pointless to give a screenshot, unless you like a big black square with an Xterm in it. Gentoo Linux.
  14. 1. The Motorola SurfBoard 5120-SB is by far the best and most compatible modem with Comcast. It's ethernet, if you're not using ethernet, your not using your PC correctly. 2. Signal boosters can HENDER the line. Be sure you don't have a ton of taps coming off the modem line.. the line for the modem should be "home run" without any splits. 3. Filters no longer work, they were analog, even basic cable is digital now. So no, not unless you KNOW someone that works for Comcast, or works for a subcontractor for Comcast. 4. Any damage to your HardLine OR your modem coaxial, is detrimental, and WILL cause packet loss. if you're experiencing this, use tracert and ping to determine your loss, if you are not vigilante in your monitoring, and contact with "tech support" then you're never gonna get anything done about it. Cracks in your hardline is ComcastS responsibility. Modems do NOT determine speed, your ISP does, any cable modem can be sent a new bootfile with speed parameters, when you upgrade speed packages, you do not upgrade modems. You update the bootfile, well, your ISP updates your modems bootfile. answer them all? u can veiw your MODEM status by typing in, check your signal strenght, if you place a booster in, your gonna go OVER the power level in /dB that is acceptable by your modem, therefore, it's going to not sync with Comcast to get timestamped, and have packetloss. I've been through it all with Comcast. THEY rock, when they work right.
  15. if they let those things go home with the kids, they'll never return them, tear them up, and parents would be trading them for crack rocks and meth.
  16. I tend to see quite the opposite... FireFox being the fastest Opera Next IE slowest and AOL eats half your band. once you're on a 8Mb/s connection, it really don't matter no more ROFL. as far as FasterFox... hmmm.. who knows whats all installed behind that. but, I've been testing it, so far, the only function that makes it cool, is the Page load counter, giving how many ms's it takes to load the page! fasterfox did NOT improve bandwidth on all of the 5 machines I put it on.
  17. I'm reallllly looking for a working Vintage Moog, complete with case/etc. Will travel anywhere in USA, Mexico, or Canada have $$$ Don't use Ebay, last 3 things i've gotten over ebay have been trash, I want to see the Moog and PLAY the moog before BUYING the Moog Know what i Mean???? http://www.fatpenguinmusic.com
  18. I was paying the 59.99 a month for the 8/1 package.. from Comcast..(8/.75 was more like it) The 6800/768 is standard now, so I DOWNGRADED!! I can't believe i did it, but why not??? I got a new code put on my account, and im getting it for 9.95 a month for 12 months.. My overall cable bill without any payed OnDemand or PPV is 51.65 including equipment rental.. A MONTH! plus i get these speeds :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 6027 Kbps about 6 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB) Download Speed is:: 736 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Thu Oct 27 2005 09:17:57 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 108X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.39 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 36.26 % faster than the average for host (Comcast.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-X2BT7WHEN :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 371 Kbps about 0.4 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Upload Speed is:: 45 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Thu Oct 27 2005 09:20:37 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 7X faster than 56K 1MB upload in 22.76 sec Diagnosis: Looks Great : 6.3 % faster than the average for host (Comcast.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-3QJGAMUR4 *** sorry serving a file when test taken *** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm setting up my own SAN @ home, i've moved, when I get all finished, (month or two) I can go to the new rollout in our area, it's a sweet deal! If your in knoxville/oakridge and you have 70 bux to blow on your ISP, get the 10/2 rollout.. it IS glitchy from time to time, but damn, it's sweet. Once my SANS up and i'm settled in, and now that I've OFFICIALLY RETIRED!!! WOOOHOO (congratulations me! retired @ 29!) I'll get back into File Serving and have my entire SAN ftp accessible. I'm shooting to start my own local dial in ISP for a VERY low fee, and build it up. Verizon FIOS is almost into my neighboorhood (secretly i moved to this neighborhood coz a guy I know lays FIBER for VerizoFIOS) so, I'll be with like 22MB/s x 22MB/s spring of 06, if not before. BUT for now my usage habits have changed, until my SANS complete I'm simply playing DOD:Source, maybe some CS:Source or CS:1.6 (on days i wanna hack). I've got all the mp3/mp4/m4a's i need right now, and, I'm doing a LOT of partying right now, so no time to be a MonitorMoth. I STILL recommend the standard Comcast package over any other ISP, and in my area, we've got SEVERAL, charter, Comcast, Highlander, BellSouth FastAsses, oops access, road runner, and Knology. so it's not like we don't have a choice. ****anyone else experiencing WEIRD states of packet loss for a few hours every night???, this has been getting annoying, but thankfully, I start my computer time, EARLY morning, so, my nodes empty then.
  19. and again, that doesn't work with Comcast static IP's. DUH! read comcast rely's on your MODEMS mac address, not your ethernet card.
  20. Comcast's monkeys being called professionals is scary, I would NEVER let any of their toads touch my pc, routers, or any other equipment, they can handle their lines etc... but keep their hands off my stuff. and about rebooting stuff for a new IP, I have had the same IP address for a few years with comcast now... even changing speed teirs, i've kept the same IP, ONLY time it changes... is IF i were to move.
  21. Comcast High Speed Internet http://www.comcast.net
  22. I never said HLDS's ate up download, and I KNOW< that's why I always bitch and say not even a 1`Mb/s upload is that great. I got the new rollout package today, Im getting 12 down and 2 up.
  23. running a HLDS only requires 4Mb/s down, and 1Mb/s up HL2DS twice that, DoD, twice that even.. I've successfully been running BobMarley Custom Maps 1.6 up until today, when i decided to quit hosting a CS server, and moving it to a DoD:Source server, I've got the 8Mb package, but i get a bit over a Meg upload. Sometimes just UNDER. My system specs are light years ahead of the HLds req's. but yeah, MORE UPLOAD DUDES>
  24. the 8Mb package wasn't quoted as standard was it? it should be quoted as the "Gaming Tier" I'll check and edit if so [move]January 3rd, Comcast highspeed cable goes like so:[/move] FIRST SENTENCE DOH!!!!! as of now, standard is 6, gaming is 8, on Jan 3rd 06, it bumps to 8 standard, etc.
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