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  1. I just got me another ISP and I made them aware that their speeds were not as advertised . As the conversation proceeded they instructed me to go to their speed site and sure enough it was(their speeds) as advertised imagine that. What is the next step in the process get another ISP OR? Thanks Fred
  2. this is just a note to say it sure feels good to be back home and that is a good thing for an old timer like me Thanks "Fred"
  3. This is just a little wish for my family at test my, and to say happy new year "Fred"
  4. this is why TMN is here I did not have cookies turned on and every time I changed from one page to the next I would get kicked off Sooooooooooo remember to have your cookies setup right or you will experience the same thing I did now on to more pressing matters HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS and manymore to come and I'm still alive I just don't kick any more
  5. Can you all see how she unites all of us here on this forum. I want to say one thing about voting and that is I am neither republican nor am I a democrat I am as my father said you are an American and you can prove it when you join the navy my dear sir. and back in the 60's that is what we did if we weren't drafted first what I'm trying to say if you guy's haven't noticed it already is, how all of these politico pundits are pitting all of us against each other with the party separation, (if your a republican you are alright and if you are a democrat you are an easy touch for defense and of course vise-versa) and then everybody knows what the next step is after divide it is??? Can anybody see what I'm talking about. please forgive me if I went off topic Tommy, but this is how I see voting and what Mr. Smiles had to say at the beginning of this thread.
  6. :smitten:You know here lately I kinda of just come and go. (like leaving home and coming back when you were a teenager) This is the first discussion group that I joined on the web. It has been remarkable to watch it grow and to ponder all of the knowledge that I have gained, and you know it has not cost a dime REMARKABLE. and I just want to take this time and thank all of the members of this site for being so informative and for the Boss wishing me a happy birthday for quite a few years now, and to wish everybody Happy Holiday's Thanks Fred p.s. just seems like yesterday we were taking bets on when it (the membership) would reach 15,000 look @ it now 52thou+ remarkable!!!
  7. Well Boss you have pulled off another one. Congratulations are in order. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded very well, as you have already been, a lot of good friends and a whole lot of associates. Being one of the senior fellows at "TMN" I want to thank you personally for the years of good information and the years of good times
  8. :grin2:That is a keeper, how you guy's been doing? is the boss allright now sure hope so good to talk to you guy's again TD tell the boss he is in Fred's prayers see y'all
  9. well give us an update with your conversation with hughes net and what was their answer the reason I ask is because I've had the same problem I personally do not see how the expect us to gather information about our networks!!!
  10. haha got caught didn't I?
  11. I would like to add one more item and that is of knowledge. Just take a moment and think of the monies that have been saved by our site if the average person had taken his puter to a shop to be upgraded, repaired, diagnosed, ect. ect. how much would have been spent and this is where Van the Man comes in as not to take away from any other member that has shared with us their knowledge. His contributions in my estimations are enormous and can not put a price tag on that. and of course the Boss his hard work and diligence has also been enormous. Having said all of that again Happy and a mighty Prosperous New Year :grin2: Old # 55 Fred
  12. more than likely your ISP has turned off the echo ping as not get what is called a DNS (denial of service) attack check with your provider and ask if this is not the problem!!! :grin2:
  13. Now that it is all over I want to thank our Host ,Boss ,Major, and all the lieutenants, and everybody else that keeps our wonderful site moving forward and upward, A very happy new year and a prayer for all of our young men and women that are constantly in harms way in the war zone where ever it is. Again Thanks and may God Bless each and every one of you. :grin2: Fred
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