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Basic Network Troubleshooting


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Basic Network Troubleshooting - Submitted by UNSTABLE


Possessing a simple understanding of networking and the tools used to troubleshoot networks will be incredibly helpful to everyone viewing your post. Under a microscope, networks are VERY complex, if you knew what was really happening when you open up Internet Explorer and type http://forum.abit-usa.com and the page pops up, you'd be surprised it even worked! If you built your own computer, you can troubleshoot a network problem. Analytical skills are universal. When you flip the light switch to turn on your bedroom light, and it doesn't turn on, you don't replace the switch, or bust a hole in the wall to check the wiring, you replace the light bulb.

I'll do my best to keep this post to a bare minimum, but I have to assume that you know next to nothing about networking. Keep in mind as you look at the length of this, that I spent the time to type it up to HELP YOU.


80% of network troubleshooting happens at the command line. To access command line:

Win 9X: click start-->run type "Command

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