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the one pictured looks like the print sensor is an area sensor. those are unsafe as the residual oils left by a print can be used to fool it. after the authed user logs in an unauthed user can use a plastic bag of warm water to simulate a finger touching it and the oils left behind will actually fool the reader. safer are the ones that make you swipe your finger across a line sensor, as there is no usable residual print left behind. other than those problems, it is ridiculously easy to fashion a fake finger with a few commercially available products . (if you get a glass or similar that has the print you want)

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they even managed to fool an iris scanner. the scanner wouldn't take just the printed photo of the iris, they had to cut out the pupil and put a real eye behind it to fool the depth perception mechanism the camera was apparently using.

iirc the fake fingers were basically rubber blanks made with latex into which they etched the print lifted of various surfaces with a normal print kit with photosensitive laquers. once they had the process down they stated they could snag a mug or glass, lift the print and have a working dummy finger in less than 15 minutes.

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well, how sophisticated or discerning do you think a print reader that everyone including radio shack sells for under 100 bucks is? if it feels a warmish body (if it even checks that, some dont) and sees the print it wants to see, it doesn't really care. more sophisticated systems check for an actual pulse and other life signs and the better concepts still require a password just to be sure they are not being tricked as described.

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