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Plans for the upgrade

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I am trying to find info out there about when Dway is going to allow us to upgrade to the 7000's, and how much it will cost us.  I called the upgrade line 2 nights ago and the lady had nothing for me.  I'm anxious to get the better upload speeds.  DL speeds are good as is, but any improvements wouldn't hurt.  Does anyone know if the latency numbers have fallen?  The Dway website is now claiming 30 sec.  Right now, my real time is around 60-90 during normal operation.

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FYI:  I spoke to someone that had received word that we should be looking at November before getting to upgrade to the 7000.  They said that Direcway will be following their typical release schedule.  That puts the upgrade option 2 months behind the new-install release.  When did the 7000's go live?

There is still no word on upgrade cost, but at least we are getting closer (and yet farther away).  If it were anyone other than D-way, I would be amazed at the fact that they are waiting so long to do the upgrade offer.  But, it IS D-way, so once it sank in... I wasn't really that surprised.

I'll be sure to post more info if I hear anything.  Don't know if anyone is even interrested or follwing this topic.

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If it's anything like the DW6000, it will cost your first new born plus a service commitment for the rest of your life, then it will get reasonable like it is now (of course you get refurbished equipment).

I just bit the bullet and paid $1k for a new Pro system with the .98M dish and 2W Radio.  Installer is here now, so I'll post how it goes.

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Looks like there were a great number of people who signed on to or upgraded with  Dway this past year. For those having speed issues follow the link below....you may need scientific mode on the calculator to add it all up.  Keep signing people up..bring em down to a snails pace and watch WB dominate the sky!  The link below pretty much explains the speed issue problems with Direcway. They sold the contracts, now what?


Maybe they will go by the first letter in your last name to dictate what days or evenings that account will use the system.....nothing would surprise me  :icon_study: 

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