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Did comcast x2 speed up effect pro users too?

Tweak Freak88

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No the upgrades are to bring the entire system up to spec so that the pro package can be offered in each geographic area. Currently it looks like you are on a system that has allready received the upgrade. I am not and am running around 2500-2700 on the standard package. However, this great speed will disappear soon!!! They will ask you to upgrade or be cut back to the standard 1.5/256 crap. There is talk that this package will be boosted to around 1.8/300ish in the near future after the pro package becomes available. I know Chicago goes online with the free upgrade around the 15th of December. Check out the forum on comcast.net to see updates on this issue. There is a lot of talk about trying to force comcast to offer the upgrade for free for all existing members due to poor service. The BBB has been contacted numberous time about the tech support being poor and that what they advertize, "allways on fast connection", isnt what that. The speed for the new pro service will be around 3mbs/512 however you will not be able to host a server or anything extra versus the normal service.

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