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Terayon Modems

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I had a Terayon for over a year, gone dead, adelphia gave me a surf boad for replacement, i do prefer the terayon achieved higher speeds.

placing the modem in the freezer so it can work seems to me like a bad chip, spraying some cold blue spray or canned air upside down directly to the chip will do the same work. it will frezze cold the chip till it heats and opens.

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f*** they should give you a brand new one for all the trouble you've been going through putting your modem in the freezer isnt really gonna help, but cool it down. and it seems that maybe doing this caused the problem?, or did this happen b4 ?, anyways anything electrical by water = disaster. do it if you want lol but dont do it to your next one. plz. LOLZ

Nope..problem was there well before I cooled it down. Being that its a leased unit I didnt open it up to verify exactly what was heating and causing a problem with freeze mist or such.

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