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wtf roadrunner or pc

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wtf are you talking about? If you are on road runner your connection is 5megs down whic is equivalent to 625k and upload is 384kb up which is equivalent to 48k

If you are only getting 80K down, you may need to tweak your computer to make sure it IS road runner. here is a link to help you tweak:



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k it the website says i can download at 576kbps and whenever i try 2 download a litlle clip it says 80 kbps what the hell plz help me

what exactly are you downloading?  if you're downloading something from a not-so-great-and-very-slow server, then of course you're going to not be able to dl at your max.


download that, its a fairly large file on a pretty good server.  it will give you a good indication of your speed and if you truly are getting only 80kb/s or if its just the server.

btw, i'm using RR too and im getting a speed of 602.3 kb/s.

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