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  1. this is with roadrunner business class at my college apartment. The results are EXTREMELY varied though, later in the evening it'll go down to like 400 Kbps
  2. I finally found a fix to this problem, it's apparently some "color profile" issue. http://blog.critical-web.com/blog/index.cfm/2008/4/21/Photoshop-And-Color-Profiles Everything looks good now
  3. I checked on another computer with that same image too though, and it looks like how it does on paint on my other computer, on Windows Photo Gallery and Photoshop all the images look like they're too dark or something, it's driving me nuts
  4. If you have all the service packs and windows updates and everything on the nlited disc...my guess would be 3ish hours (assuming you restart the comp after those installations that tell you "u must restart your computer")
  5. Yup, here's MS Paint next to Photoshop
  6. I just got a new computer a few months back with Vista on it and I've noticed that there's an image distortion problem Basically, anything image i look at in the standard windows picture viewer shows up with the wrong colors. I opened up Photoshop and it seems like I have the same problem with that as well. However, when I open up that same exact image in Paint, it looks fine. Here's a picture of the problem: Any idea what's up with this?
  7. I have a spare Wireless XBox 360 Controller for Windows, and on the package it says it's "Dual Platform". Does this mean that it will work with the 360 too (without having to buy anything else)? I don't really have a need for it on Windows, but if it works on the 360 as well...then I figure I might as well just keep it (got it for free...thinking of ebaying it).
  8. * 1. Can I please get an invite to Joost? * 2. rmomin at lonestar dot utsa dot edu * 3. Reason: I've been hearing about this Joost thing for a while now, and it looks really coooool, and i wanna try it out! * 4. Tell all your friend to check out their speed at testmy.net <<already been telling them =)
  9. maybe he wanted a sex change, and decided to experiment
  10. My friend is trying to crop scenes out of a movie so that he can put them on his iPod. He tried using TMPGEnc 2.524 and said that the audio doesn't work when he cuts the video into the part he wants to keep. The file is xvid avi, if that makes any difference. Do yall know of any programs that might be able to do what he's trying to do?
  11. Good choice, i have the older version of that laptop (Inspiron 9300). I'm guessing they don't offer the GeForce 6800 card anymore?
  12. http://youtube.com/watch?v=-fVDGu82FeQ I'm sure some of yall are going to think this is horrible and mean. But this cracked me up like nothing else has in a looooong time. Blooooooduh. Faaaaneeeee. Bebejugga. hahahahah
  13. i wonder if Time Warner in Austin, TX would acknowledge this as well...$45 for 6mb connection is seeming kinda pricey
  14. if you're going to take the right winged conservative stance, then the people producing porn shouldn't even be doing it at all, much less getting paid for it. politics wasn't initially part of this topic; it should be kept that way.
  15. daang, lol, its like Cisco class in highschool all over again! Nice explanation though, i needed a 'review' on that stuff.
  16. whoa...I wasn't aiming to portray that I think it's "funny to be breaking the law"...even the OP seems to have taken it lightheartedly (note the three laughing smilies)...so no need to get all uptight about it. nowhere did i say i'm supporting it, i was just going off what the OP posted.
  17. uploadingit.com--home of the porno! i guess this is why the majority of websites don't allow super large files//certain file types.
  18. i gambled there when i was 15. i was with my father and my uncle though, and it was only slots. but i won like $20 on the quarter machine, and it was still 'gambling'. i remember some lady came by and she no doubt saw me and i thoguht i was screwed, but to my surprised, she asks "Can I get you guys any drinks?"...lol i was like wtf? so, age limit=15.
  19. he said he already tried speedfan. I use Notebook Hardware Control, maybe it'll work for you. http://www.pbus-167.com/nhc/nhc.htm
  20. nope, visual styles aren't related to windowblinds at all. they use the actual microsoft theme system to apply themes, thats the beauty of it
  21. So i can access it from any computer. that, and because all the stuff on the calendar isn't anything super personal, its just test dates, school calendar, etc, so i don't really mind if Google has that info or not.
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