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vista question


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Your friend is overreacting, like people used to do for HL2 specs. You can run XP on a P3 400 Mhz, and definatly on systems less that that, so while Vista will require more, You could always turn off all the eye-candy to make it doable on something like a P3 1 Ghz, problably less.

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Here you go, show this to your friend.



I have a Intel Celeron M Processor (my laptop), 1.30GHz with 512MB of RAM and a 64MB Video Card and already knew that VISTA doesn't need 16GB of RAM if thats even possible. :lol:

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Oddly enough, a 5GHz dual core proc doesn't exist, nor does a 5GHz normal proc.

Unless you had a massive cooling system, it's doubtful you can even overclock the latest dual core proc to those speeds.

A 5GHz dual core would mean 2 x 5GHz procs... does not exist.

I think your friend either doesn't know what he's talking about, or just has a 2.5GHz dual core proc, which does exist.

As as REV0LUTI0NIZED said, just because you have a 'powerful' PC, doesn't mean you know anything.

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I think yes, cuz he's got a 5GHz dual core Intel processor with 2GB RAM and 512mb video card :D

wow man dont even listen to ur friend the only way u can get to 5ghz is by overclocking. and those stats u said u need for vista r totally wack. that would cost literally a fortune and by then 16gig of ram prolly wont be possible.

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my bad.. he has dual processor but each one is 2.5ghz, so 5 gigs combined.. he said the final vista was said to have those specs.. Microsoft had those super-pcs and they tested in on that.. Its probably BS what he read or said but i just wanted to see if any of u guys have heard about this :D

It doesn't quite work that way. They're two seperate cores with a clock speed of 2.5 Ghz on one die.

6 Ghz is only possible on P4s, overclocked with one of those liquid gases, or phase change. It would be rather strange if an OS that's about to be released required such a CPU.

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