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I have a few questions but first here is what I am using to connect to the internet:

Comcast 4000/384 package

D-Link DCM-202 modem


Which cable modem is generally accepted as fastest?

Will a signal booster help the quality of the line?

Is there anyway to get HBO/Cinemax/Stars (premium channels) without paying if you have basic cable?

Is a small cut in the line from the tap to the house detrimental to the signal?

Thanks for reading.

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1. The Motorola SurfBoard 5120-SB is by far the best and most compatible modem with Comcast.

    It's ethernet, if you're not using ethernet, your not using your PC correctly.

2. Signal boosters can HENDER the line. Be sure you don't have a ton of taps coming off the modem line..

    the line for the modem should be "home run" without any splits.

3. Filters no longer work, they were analog, even basic cable is digital now. So no, not unless you KNOW someone

    that works for Comcast, or works for a subcontractor for Comcast.

4. Any damage to your HardLine OR your modem coaxial, is detrimental, and WILL cause packet loss.

    if you're experiencing this, use tracert and ping to determine your loss, if you are not vigilante in your

    monitoring, and contact with "tech support" then you're never gonna get anything done about it.

    Cracks in your hardline is ComcastS responsibility.

Which cable modem is generally accepted as fastest?

Modems do NOT determine speed, your ISP does, any cable modem can be sent a new bootfile with speed parameters, when you upgrade speed packages, you do not upgrade modems. You update the bootfile, well, your ISP updates your modems bootfile.

answer them all?

u can veiw your MODEM status by typing in, check your signal strenght, if you place a

booster in, your gonna go OVER the power level in  /dB that is acceptable by your modem, therefore, it's going to not sync with Comcast to get timestamped, and have packetloss. I've been through it all with Comcast. THEY rock, when they work right.

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Thanks for the quick response.

The line going to the modem goes to the electrical box on the side of my house and feeds into this metal clip which immediately feeds into another line which goes up the side of the house. So it's not split, but I would assume that a line directly from the tap straight to the modem would be better.

So as for the premium channels, there's no box that can access the additional channels without a subscription?

I would check my modem's status but I'm not at home right now. About the signal to noise ratios, what are the determining factors for this? Additionally is there any differences between brands of coaxial cable?

Thanks again.

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no box works with Comcast, but Comcasts box...

if you know any Comcast techs, they can help you out on that, if they are like that.

that's illegal to steal cable  :shock:

Coaxial is Coaxial, the BEST coaxial, is whats on the back of a Comcast truck.

Signal to Noise ratio is determined by your "HeadEnd" and how far away the nearest signal amp is.

The "Head End" is the little atmospherically controlled hut that Comcast has, where fiber goes into a rack, and wallah, sends you interent. If your 1 amp away, your signal to noise will be low... if you are 5 signal amps away, your signal to noise will be high, this is only ONE factor, there are many, like, how many on your node, does your node split, has there been tree damage on the line in the past... someone stealing cable?, Cable theft is the #1 cause of high S/N ratio, and packet loss.

but I would assume that a line directly from the tap straight to the modem would be better

Dern right it would be bestest'es!!!

oh, and I know your not trying to be a criminal asking about the cable deal, with HBO,

Im just manipulative, The guy that came to install my stuff, I went to school with, he "Forgot" to filter out HBO and Showtime, and I "remembered" to give em a big bag of weeeeeed.

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