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T1 is really bad!!

CrysTal M3th 1g

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what kills me is that he finally gets tyhe t1 he's been dreaming of and gets owned by his isp. then, instead of getting on the horn and getting it fixed (which at 510 a month he is entitled to, i'd say) he just whines about it.

then again it could also be a problem with the siemens gateway from his other thread, that that isn't configured properly for his router or vice versa.

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i say woohoo and screw the riaa no matter what

Ahoy Maties! all aboard the p2p Pirate Ship, we are going to the ISLE de La Riaa, we be looting

must be nice to have a short term memory, helps keep a clear conscience.

fine, i'll edit my post too, i never said i'm proud of being a troll at times, but at least i don't hide the fact.

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