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hey ppl,

is it normal for your dsl speeds to go from 2.9mbps to 1.5mbps.i have verizon's 3mbps package here.and is this site the best site to test your speeds.verizon's infospeed test site always gives me a 1.5mbps this site and other sites give me 2.9mbs.my upload speeds are always 739up.cnet's broadband speed test put's me at 1.0mbps. so why is all this stuff crazy lol.also i do have my pwn private dsl line but can traffic here in the afternoon and evenings still afect my dsl?

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Sounds like your ISP is oversubbed like mine (TDS.Net Zip 37385).

I have a 3000/512 DSL line, most of the time it has a usable speed of 2000/300 and can even drop to 1000/150.

At about 3am on a weeknight I get the full speed, most of the neghbors are sleeping.

They have got too many people on the outgoing line from your Telco in order to have a stable full speed connection for the average number of users that are online at any given time.

In other words, they have sold of something more than they have to hand to the customers who bought it.

Many Telcos do this.

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