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confusion re: firewall and antivirus interaction


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Sorry for a newbie type question. I've gotten confused with all the redundant features in some of the software I have. I'm running XP.SP2/2 G of memory/Athlon 3200+/ Adelphia premium/router.

I have the KAV Personal Pro and Outpost Pro. Now the latest Outpost Pro has an anti-virus feature- won't this interfere with the KAV Pro? I'm also running Counterspy and TrojanHunter, Spywareblaster is up to date.

Available- but not using the active features (on demand only): Spybot/AdAware Pro/PestPatrol.

My question then is, what to turn off within the firewall and KAV at least. I read the next Outpost Pro willl have even more antivirus features. Again, sorry for my confusion- seems like too much overlap. Wanted some expert advice before install latest Outpost Pro.

Just incidentally, my download speeds have slowed some lately, but I believe from the tests I ran- as recommended here- it is Adelphia again messing me up again.

Thanks for any help.


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you should be able to use the best features of all programs, and it is a savings on resources to not run two things that do the same thing (2 av components for example). to ensure a little more safety on the av side you can set the av you don't use memory resident to do a full scan say at 3am, that way you get the double coverage that should catch anything the live monitor missed. monitor the first full scan to make sure it doesn't recognize the definitions of the first av as virii. normally av's are now told to ignore stuff like that, but you never know.

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Sorry, just saw your follow-up. No, I understood- you are saying use one AV as active and another can be on-demand. (I hope that's what you meant)

I was just getting confused with every software vendor adding features I have always used with separate programs- KAV Pro and Outlook Pro for example- not a suite which seems to be the trend everyone is going too. It just seems at some point there has to be some kind of unwelcome interaction...and I was taught that separate programs were superior to suites. Old school, I guess.

Thanks again. I'm sorry I haven't participated here, but read the forums often. Happy holidays and here's hoping for an Extreme tier or the equivalent in the new year for everyone.

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don't get me wrong, running multiple av's and firewalls shouldn't make it unstable. it's just a waste of resources to have multiple things to do the same thing.

only if you have a dual processor you might not have a problem but other than that you'll need a beast to run all that smooth

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