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  1. The revert seems to be working. I'm on Test #14 of 100 and forcing a re-test didn't open a new browser tab. Thank you.
  2. Okay. I followed your link and requested 100 re-tests. I'll be gone for a few hours but will report back here with my results. Thank you.
  3. I'm having this problem too. For the last several days, I set auto-test "Combined", "Express", "Every hour", "Repeat 100 times" (or even 50) and it stops testing after maybe 5 tests and sends me an email saying "Your automatic speed test is complete." I'm on Windows 8.1, using Firefox 53.0.2 (32 bit). Also, when I click "Force Re-Test", it opens a new browser tab and runs the test. But this results page does not have the info at the top of the page: "This test will automatically re-run every 1 Hour. Minimize this window and come back in about 99 Hours for complete results After 100 cycles your overall results will be shown, email reminder sent to when your test is complete. Test #1 of 100 → Remember, make sure your computer does not sleep or hibernate during this process. Retesting in (56m 56s) at 11:45:03 am GMT -4. End Test / Escape Force Re-Test wintroub's Results" This too just started a few days ago.