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Gene Hacker

Very bad upload speed

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Previously had HughesNet and response times were terrible.  They suggested to upgrade to Gen5.  Instead I signed up with Mediacom and the response time were OK, not fantastic.  Mediacom was constantly going down in my area and with their increases in price, it was about the same as Gen5.  I canceled Mediacom last Thursday and had HughesNet Gen5 installed again.  My response times are absolutely terrible.  Download is fair (not great) but the upload speed I get is usually arount 1 to 1.2Mbs.  Most of the time it is in Kilobytes.  Is there anything I should know or install to get my upload speeds abount the 30MBS times or better ???

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Hello @Gene Hacker

HughesNet Gen5 is satellite internet provider, yes?

Your response time technically, should be, terrible or at least not the best.


My ISP is coaxial direct line, not satellite, and I have 250mbps down & 20mbps up.


What exactly is your plan giving you? I checked their site, and I can't seem to pull a list of their plans offered to get an idea.

However other review sites indicate your plan at 3mbps upload

Satellite internet is not meant for anything real-time, like online gaming or video streaming / video calls. (They will work, but very very horribly). Netflix type service will work, because they can buffer they are not true "real-time".


my 20mbps at TMN gave me 10.3mbps to 15.6mbps result (tested it while typing this up).


You getting normal speeds at kbps is normal. Most of my p2p share uploads run in 300kbps. (even after trying to max up), but the client states I can go as high as 4mbps with p2p client test.


Few variables may indicate if you can do anything, if at all .


What are you trying to upload?

If this is not a single/multi file upload; are you gaming, streaming, attempting remote access to work pc or alike, video/skype calling?




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