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  1. ShakTib

    Unknown ISP? hmm

    What ever magic you have done, I can see my ISP provider again and my IP correctly. Just an update. Thanks! ^__^
  2. ShakTib

    Unknown ISP? hmm

    Okay. @CA3LE So now I am a little confused annoyed and frustrated... like dealing with my ex... (still friends, nice girl and all but FUCK! haha) my IP address on speedtest.net shows as 99.250.xxx.xx checking for "whats my IP" for IPv4 shows the same 99.250.xxx.xx (xxx.xx has numbers obviously, I am just not providing it)... but here at TMN it is 241.158.xxx.xx so... WHAT... WHAT Iz diss?
  3. ShakTib

    Unknown ISP? hmm

    IM A GHOST! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yea, I am not calling my ISP - It doesn't get me anywhere and most information provided are not essential. I'll just stick with Unknown.
  4. ShakTib

    Unknown ISP? hmm

    I just need to know how I tag my info correctly? I assume I had to block my IP address so I did... It use to detect my country and all and my ISP as well... Any assist would be great. okthxbye.
  5. ShakTib

    Change the display name

    Ha, glad you get the reference
  6. ShakTib

    Change the display name

    @29930130 but what if the offense was given in a form of a cake?
  7. ShakTib

    Good Morning All

    Welcome @imageswishes
  8. ShakTib

    Change the display name

    Ahh! No! I was talking in general. Wasn't speaking of you in any negative manner, sorry if it seemed that way. I see in different forums users request name change a lot. Some forums strictly stick with "no" answer. lol
  9. *pokes at internet with a stick* is it alive? ... is it hungry?
  10. ShakTib

    cleaning a pc with air compressor

    Like a portable air compressor is not meant for PC cleaning,... I guess you could use it if used from a minimum distance. Close range would cause pressure damage as previously mentioned above ^ I use compressed air designed for computer dusting/cleaning. So the psi is not too strong in the first place but not too weak either. but a portable air compressor is powered... that would concern me....
  11. ShakTib

    Change the display name

    @CA3LE - I don't know if implementing name change for users to control would be a good idea -with great power truly comes great corruption... because humans are dumb... And why is it a frequent name change request? Maybe set rules like "1 name change every 6 months" like.. seriously, how indecisive are people? >.>
  12. Hey @nuisance1390 Hughes network has such a bad name, Up here in Canada I am hearing about them... (and as far as I know, they don't provide service to us folks) So that's definitely horrible... A good starting point would be companies that don't do contracts ... if company don't do contracts, it is for one of two reasons... they believe there product is strong enough for you to stay or they believe they are aren't strong enough for people agree to contract cheap enough for you to try them out. Dirt cheap = Bad service in the internet realm... Companies who do contracts are usually due to competitors, and they don't want to have customers get up and leave, and usually these companies know about their own problems... not sure if you actually want to do your own research but thought I'd give my input... Any one in Cottonwood AZ area or know info about the area that wants to chime in?
  13. Out of curiosity, does Hughes Net not have a competitor in their service region? What are their (the competitor) service like?
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