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10G FTTH - Wightfibre Limited

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Hi there,


I'm a Telecoms Engineer for Wightfibre, based on the Isle of Wight.


We have been rolling out our own fibre optic network for the past two years.


I'm currently testing 10G to my home, which was installed with fibre not long ago.




This is the fastest test I could do until it told me it was fake! (Rate limiting)


I can provide further proof if you require :)

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I moved from my Gigabit home to another location that the same provider isn't here.

Now my "gigabit" runs up to 200mbps... 


Looking at this speed makes me speed depressed LOL

@Jakeypiez, is there a way for an average joe to connect to the interwebs directly without going through ISP? I am curious since you are hands on in that field...


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On 7/2/2020 at 1:45 AM, Jakeypiez said:


The website doesn't let you submit tests beyond 2Gbps. So I had to rate limit my connection.


He's one from Speedtest.net




Can't go any higher due to router limitations at the moment.

I was happy with my tests till I saw these. T-mobile 5g has a ways to go. 

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