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  1. Almost had me fooled. I thought the Eagle was real for a moment lol Still looking?
  2. Yup totally agree with @xs1, VPN is like taking the long route to your destination rather than the direct one. Your speed to and from your target destination (whichever server/website that is), will always be slow/longer travel time with VPN. VPN is simple math, +Security -Speed More security and less tracking at the cost of speed and latency. If you use a local VPN. That might help you, but depending on why you need the VPN, you might not want to use Local VPN. Hope that helps @Maritimer
  3. Your issue is actually VPN. VPN normally does cause speed degradation. NordVPN is an amazing service, don't get me wrong, but how VPN works is the reason of your speed drop. Once you connect to VPN... YOUR speed to the VPN server is probably super. but from VPN server (run by NordVPN) could be bottleneck... which you nor your ISP have control over. This is one the reason people can't use VPN to play multiplayer online games or Streaming game service that requires quick reflex (FPS or Action) because latency is high. I don't think you have a speed issue, you have a bottle neck issue. and VPN almost always cause that issue.\ Your antivirus won't slow your speed down. It could however stop your internet by some firewalls rules. But that's either connected or disconnected. Not slow speeds. Cleaning your fan (and dusting insides) is good habit to keep the computer running cool and power efficient. That helps computer speed, not internet speed. But I do like that you took the effort to maintain your computer. Hope this helps.
  4. I moved from my Gigabit home to another location that the same provider isn't here. Now my "gigabit" runs up to 200mbps... Looking at this speed makes me speed depressed LOL @Jakeypiez, is there a way for an average joe to connect to the interwebs directly without going through ISP? I am curious since you are hands on in that field...
  5. Umm. What if I don't want the email? like... at all? lol Dude. CHOICES! lol I definitely don't want double email, and I do get them, almost every-time... the system generated ones. Funny enough I get the duplicate 5 mins exactly after the first email. Not together. (I am not refreshing the page either; PC is locked when I run all the auto test). Also, I did go into the footer "My Settings", it just directs me to my Forum profile settings, which I already visited prior. Well, I guess I am not missing anything and there isn't an option. Thanks for the info @CA3LE
  6. Curious to know, where is the notification settings for Tests? I get double email when my auto test completes. But when I go into account settings, it only gives me Forum settings. o__O Am I missing something? Just looking to be pointed in the right direction!
  7. That's pretty quick response for the end user to get all that data in milliseconds.
  8. Curious, would it be possible to run the test based on user amount? Rather than pre-defined options? I am talking about the "Repeat up-to" Rather than being a drop down and choose from a set parameters, can we just choose the number of repetitions? (The user enters their own number) Its a small suggestion, don't know how big of an impact it is on the website side to change... Call it OCD or what not, (I don't think it even falls under OCD), but when I chose "Everything 10 mins" I can't select "Repeat up-to: 6" because that would be an hour, I get an option to run it for 5 times (50 mins) or 10 times (100 mins/1hr and 40mins) or 12 times (2 hrs). Other examples and variations exists, but grr I can't have a select set of hours... based on when I am returning from work, or if I am out for 1.5hrs I want results to be done by then but not before and not on going when I return. Does that make sense? No? Ok I'll shut up Thanks for reading.
  9. Everyone have such creative names I have such a simpler name -__-" booo
  10. ShakTib


    Welcome @Logan paul and Welcome @Mister J Hope you are finding TMN useful and please enjoy your stay!
  11. Hello Lisa, Your information seem partial, so lets try to figure out few things. Games on your phone: Do you have iPhone or Android device? Are you connected to Data (3G/4G/LTE) or Wifi? If you are at home and connected to wifi, is your wifi actually connected with "No internet"? you might have a routing issue. If other devices work fine in your home network but not your phone, try "forgetting network" on your phone and reconnecting and re-entering the password. Hope this starts you in the right direction. Cheers! Also. Welcome to TMN!
  12. Hey @DESAND, I may be wrong (I like to believe I am not lol), but I don't think you RAM is the main issue... C55D I believe (which quick research) is an AMD E1 CPU which is only 1GHZ & dual-core. You are bottle necking the brain power of that laptop. Browser now use more processing power. Not just Firefox (Chrome is worse). I recommend looking into a invest of a processor that is 2GHZ or quad-core. Upgrading your ram gives the PC more "hands" to hold things, metaphorically, to hold more applications running at the same time. CPU is more about actually processing things, or "thinking" and "doing", what you have told it to do by clicking and typing, (essentially almost everything on the browser), especially videos playbacks. I have a feeling you need a better processor, which in turn is a newer laptop, since you can't upgrade a processor on a laptop. (For the sake on sanity and reasonable investments, don't try either lol). @CA3LE why you gotta make this a whole Edison / Tesla war man... But when i said Edison killed Tesla, I meant literally, killed him... I don't remember, but I think it was a hired hit... I don't have my facts straight.... hmmm
  13. Yeah, but I thought Edison killed Tesla. Also, Up north of the crazy wall people (yes you Americans), Some core cities do get sync speed (1gbps down and 1gbps up) but we do have majority of plans below that as async, so totally get what you are saying. I don't think the wireless cellular network can be in expected to run the market same way, that being said, I am not too sure about 5G. and lawls on subsidized government funds paid by the same people who pay for everything else. THE CYCLE OF SHEEPS! Woooooooooooooooooooo
  14. @DESAND, Oh you're kindly welcome. Since you are getting 92-96mbps. The 100mbps makes more sense to be honest. On a random note: Is this a laptop or a desktop PC? Network cards are pretty cheap (relatively under $40 for gigabit usually labelled "10/100/1000" or something if I remember correctly). You will never need 10 gigabit network card for any consumer use, not until 10 years from now, maybe. Don't get upsold lol Good luck!
  15. Hi @rstark18 That is unique, but curious do you have a crosspatch/crossover Ethernet cable? Reverse it. (Flip the connection put the end from the router/modem to Dell, and the other end from Dell to router/modem). Even if it isn't a crossover cable, it sometime does the trick (specially if the cable is old), one of the troubleshooting steps some ISP use. Other than that, it sounds like a driver issue. Since Linux had no problem on the same hardware and cable getting the desired speed. I mean it is "Dell from Hell" after all, have you already done a clean install since you posted? Was the driver updated (uninstall and reinstalled) from Windows "auto" driver finder or Dell's website, or the manufacture website? (manufacture of the network card/mother board if its integrated, which I think it is, after quickly looking up Dell 660s mini desktop) On side note: Different port on the modem/router? right? I assume you don't have double Ethernet port on your PC, because that would mean you have a secondary network card for no apparent reason.
  16. Hello @DESAND I am going to try to make this as less of a work as possible for you. (I think?) I assume you are running windows 7 or above... Open any folder anyway you like... or just directly file explorer... 1. On the address bar copy and paste this: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center Hit enter, and when you are the page I hope you are at. You should see what you are connected with. 2. Beside connection. you would see Ethernet or Wireless in blue. Click on it. 3. The window that pops up shows your hardware capabilities. This is the maximum your network card can go up to theoretically. (No way you'll hit this, even PC to PC direct transfer. As your other components w/ bottleneck the transfer of file transfers) Screenshot below for an example: As you can see my network card is 1000Mbps/Gbps capable. I don't get these speeds, but here we are :P Hope this is what you are asking for? Please clarify if it isn't. Cheers!
  17. What ever magic you have done, I can see my ISP provider again and my IP correctly. Just an update. Thanks! ^__^
  18. Okay. @CA3LE So now I am a little confused annoyed and frustrated... like dealing with my ex... (still friends, nice girl and all but FUCK! haha) my IP address on speedtest.net shows as 99.250.xxx.xx checking for "whats my IP" for IPv4 shows the same 99.250.xxx.xx (xxx.xx has numbers obviously, I am just not providing it)... but here at TMN it is 241.158.xxx.xx so... WHAT... WHAT Iz diss?
  19. IM A GHOST! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yea, I am not calling my ISP - It doesn't get me anywhere and most information provided are not essential. I'll just stick with Unknown.
  20. I just need to know how I tag my info correctly? I assume I had to block my IP address so I did... It use to detect my country and all and my ISP as well... Any assist would be great. okthxbye.
  21. @29930130 but what if the offense was given in a form of a cake?
  22. Ahh! No! I was talking in general. Wasn't speaking of you in any negative manner, sorry if it seemed that way. I see in different forums users request name change a lot. Some forums strictly stick with "no" answer. lol
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