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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have narrowed down the problem to Nordvpn. The degradation is up to 70%. I have notified them but suspect they can or will do nothing. I am wondering if other vpns are the same. Am considering a trial of surfshark.
  2. Thanks Sean for your reply. I had avast running so I uninstalled that. Also, I thought cleaning the fan would help, so I did that. In addition, I tested without NordVPN running. This all increased my speed to what I am supposed to get through the test on the browser. The standalone test suprisingly gives 40mbps lower! Can't say for sure which of the above solved the problem. I will monitor the performance further but it seems speed is quite sensitive to the NORDVPN. Maybe will post later about that. (All my grandparents from Ireland, Sligo, Galway, Cork---Kellehers
  3. I have had Internet speed problems for about six months. I spent some time about four months ago researching and fixing some settings without solving my problem. Recently I changed ISPs for cost reasons and also hoping to solve my problem. But to no avail. I am supposed to get 100mbps. When I switched, I used stand alone Speedtest and got initially 67 then down to 50. This can sometime be 50 but will usually be around 30. If I measure using speedtest from a browser, I will usually only get from 25 to 30 per cent of the stand alone speedtest speed. So, for 50, I would get 10 from the
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I have been trying to narrow down this problem to a few variables only but it is a frustrating business. One recent problem surfaced which has to be dealt with before making progress on any other variables. Today, without any browser loaded but Nordvpn running, I ran speedtest and got 10mbps, all references are download speeds. I then turned off Nordvpn and ran speedtest and got 120mbps. I turned Nordvpn back on and got 10mbps. I turned Nordvpn off and then got 120mbps. AND I have noticed that with some testing I was doing previously with
  5. I have run a number of tests since last posting. I am concentrating on the FF browser as the main bottleneck. I am ignoring any interference from VPN and not doing any testing with it on. I ran tests using FF Portable on my desktop and did not find any difference than regular FF. The regular FF has only one extension active. I use speedtest alone and usually get 120mbps. run other tests to compare at about that same time. Consistently with regular FF, the best is can get is 25mbps. But usually I get 10-15mbps. Thus, at least 75% of potential speed at least
  6. Thanks for the information and suggestions. I will try all the items listed and post back with my results. Thanks. Peter
  7. Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. Recently, I upgraded my internet service to 100mbps. Installed a new modem/wifi router. I use a laptop for my internet. No other devices online other than a monitor. For testing, I am using the Speedtest app by Ookla which I can run independent of the Firefox browser. For testing with the browser, I am using testmy.net. I am finding a LARGE discrepancy between the download results I get with NordVPN on or off. The difference is around 1/2 performance, that is say 50mbps on/100mbps off. That is testing independent of a browser.
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