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  1. Speed test.net is Flash based. It tends to inflate your speed by 20-30%. Test my.net is HTML based. Much more accurate.
  2. I am a HughesNet tech but, fortunately, I have wired broadband available. Most of my customers here on the West Coast are getting 20-30 Meg's down. Of course that's at 3:00 AM with a wired connection on a cloudless night when Jupiter aligns with Mars. There have been problems with the new Bird(EchoStar XIX)starting at approximately 6 months after coming online. One of the reasons is they over-sold bandwidth to the airlines for in-flight wi/fi. However none of us will ever know the real reason for it's lackluster performance. If you are on the old Bird, EchoStar XVII, it will be even worse. The
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