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  1. Speed test.net is Flash based. It tends to inflate your speed by 20-30%. Test my.net is HTML based. Much more accurate.
  2. I am a HughesNet tech but, fortunately, I have wired broadband available. Most of my customers here on the West Coast are getting 20-30 Meg's down. Of course that's at 3:00 AM with a wired connection on a cloudless night when Jupiter aligns with Mars. There have been problems with the new Bird(EchoStar XIX)starting at approximately 6 months after coming online. One of the reasons is they over-sold bandwidth to the airlines for in-flight wi/fi. However none of us will ever know the real reason for it's lackluster performance. If you are on the old Bird, EchoStar XVII, it will be even worse. There are some router tweaks you can do to improve throughput. Remember: satellite Internet is for people who can't get anything else. At least until SkyLink comes online.
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