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Fake speed connection


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Hello Everyone,


Can the internet connection provider fake the speed of internet?

While I test the speed on Speedtest.com it gives a 45 to 52 Mbps for download. vs/ while I do the same test on Testmy.net the result is way different, 3Mbps!! 

And, in all cases, while I download any file from anywhere, the speed of download is up to 1.3MB/s.


Any idea please?


Ref attached.




1- Speedtest.jpg

2- Testmy.net.jpg

3- Regular download.jpg

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You are seeing the real speed.


Your 3Mbps is what speed you were able to achieve when downloading data from Testmy.net. The 1.2MB/sec you are seeing on the download in your screenshot is what you are able to achieve when downloading from that particular site, and is actually 9.6Mbps.


You are seeing different units for the metric:


MB/s = Mbps / 8

Mbps = MB/s * 8


If the Speedtest.net results were accurate, the 50Mbps would be about 6.25MB/sec for your downloads. You are seeing roughly 1/5 that.


This may be an issue with your ISP peering, or it may be an issue of routes between you and where you are downloading your data from. I recommend you try switching TMN test servers and see how that affects your metrics.

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Got ya!


But the main problem that the main provider are saying that my connection speed is up to 52Mbps and when I download anything from anywhere the download is going up to 1.3MB/s only.


When I login to my modem, I can see that the current connection is 52Mbps! this is why I am asking if they can fake it.


Never seen 6.25MB/sec lol. 1.3MB/s maximum.

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So the 1.3MB/s you are seeing is 10.4Mbps, which is definitely way-low.


Based on the Speedtest.net results, it's obvious that you are seeing a good link to your ISP. From there though, the link degrades.


There are two common issues that would make sense:


1. ISP is oversubscribed, meaning they sold more bandwidth than they have. Say they oversold bandwidth by 5-times, meaning they have a 50Mbps link, but sold 250Mbps worth of bandwidth. If everyone is trying to download data at a time, you're likely going to see bandwidth / 5 throughput, or in your case, 10Mbps.


2. ISP is having peering issues. Because you can connect to the ISP cleanly, this also makes sense. Basically, peering is how one ISP connects to another. No single ISP transfers all the traffic for the internet, so they connect to each other at various locations. If one or more of these locations is having trouble, you could see lower throughput.


In either case, you'll want to run a good amount of data via the TMN testing, and then reach out to your ISP about it. There may be something they can see or do, there may not be.

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I see your results from today 6/1/20. I see that your download tests are all multithreaded. Try doing some download tests without multithread on, and choose the test server closest to you. You can also do some latency tests to the server you choose and post that result. The sw download from black magic at 1.2 MB/sec (9.6 Mbps) may be limited by activity on blackmagic’s server. Your average is about 23 Mbps (2.9 MB/sec) on TestMy. Not sure what your ISP plan says you should be getting.




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17 hours ago, kenpoq4 said:

No meter what testmy.net say the speed test here is totally wrong. speedtest.net is always SHOWING ME the correct speed but here is all over the place.

SpeedTest.net will never show you a true internet speed. To understand why TestMy.net gives a a much more realistic indication, read all the tabs here:  https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php

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