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  1. Hey Roco, I didn't want to post until after the holidays so your post would stay in the forum index. Good to see you are still around. At least sometimes.
  2. I don't know if you have a dedicated line for your ADSL. The easiest way to do this is not to have phone service with the same provider in your case Centurylink. If you already have it this way then I don't have another suggestion.
  3. At the bottom of topics when not logged in it states the following: This says a person can "Post now & register later" subject to moderator approval. I took this as an opportunity for a non member to post & not register. In other words a Guest option. However it did not work this way & I had to create a new account to post. I thought an explanation would help if any non member tries to post.
  4. I stop by once in a while. Saw I was no longer banned at least not by my Avatar. No longer the avatar I used . Hey Roco I see you are still driving that old Citreon. coknuck I got much better with DVDs since you sent me the 7 faces of doctor Lao So now up to a moderator. So much for the register later. I created a fake account but I won't use it. cholla
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