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  1. I think I found my catche and deleted it all. I am not sure whether I have a firewall, don't know what it is, sorry. I for sure am havfing some dificulty with testmy, loading pages and moving around in the forum. For instance, I was not able to post, like I am doing now, because none of the icons, like thye reply icon was visible. On several occasions I could not move around because testmy would not load the new page. I dont know what I am doing wrong, when I go to other sites they seem to act OK. I am on DirecWay so my upload is always quite slow typically 30Kbps or so. DonHall
  2. On a couple of occasions my test scores do not show up in the data base. It shows that no test was taken. This is both for upload and download. Don't know what I could be doing wrong. Sometimes they do show up. DonHall
  3. I sure agree CA3LE, Growth by your own people spreading the word will work 100% because you and Testmy is provideing a very important service, that people need. Do a good job and the peoplke will come, has always been the case. This site is just growing and growing because it is getting the job done and people need to know what is going on with there connection Keep it up... DonHall
  4. OK, so how many members will testmy have by the end of 2005? We all know it will be a gazillion, how many is a gazillion? Today, I noticed 350 users on this site, a month ago it seemed like it was running more like 100. CA3LE is creating a monster, because he does too good of a job and all the helpful Moderators keep pouring coal on the fire. Won't be long and the site will need its own backbone to handle the traffic. CA3LE you are the man....GO...GO....GO.. And thanks for bringing this very valuable resource... DonHall
  5. CA3LE you are the man....... Super good, will be a real help for some ppl.. Thanks for all the extra effort. DonHall
  6. Personally, I like the Scroll, so long as its not causing any problems. It may be that ppl coming to test may not be going to the Forum at all. With the scroll running it helps to communicate that there is more here at Testmy than just the test. According to the spell checker I am not doing very well... I sure hope it isn't leading me astray.. I don't want no kool-aid... DonHall
  7. Overkill...Never.. CA3LE you are the man....Incredible job KUDO'S.... Keep up the great work... DonHall
  8. Don't misunderstand, I am not from Texas, am neutral on the Texas thing, but I am from Testmy, and I am not neutral when it come to Testmy
  9. For me, it helps to pass the time on my upload tests which take a little time because I am on Satellite. Of course I don't know how much the scrolling slows down your testing. Don't at all mean to shot down your suggestion, I know first hand that CA3LE and the Mods treat every suggestion very serious and they show real appreciation for everyones thoughts. Testmy is a really great Forum because of the excellent attitude that prevail;s here. DonHall CA3LE: The spell checker made me change Mod's to Mods, I am not sure I agree,, The spell checker did not like Testmy, and wanted me to change it but, on that one I put my foot down, kind of like you can cover up YELLOW, but dont you cover up TEXAS.
  10. CA3LE, forgot to mention I like the download speed in the example you posted..
  11. That is 100%, You guys are the greatest. This site is really impressive. CA3LE you are creating a monster, before long you are going to have a gazillion ppl on this site. You will have to put in a backbone direct to your servers (all 225 of them) Even the spell checker worked like magic.
  12. This forum is gaining acceptance and people are cutting and pasteing to other forums, like DataStormUsers and others that have strong interest in Satellite broadband. The interest is very strong because there are big differances in speed from time to time and people are trying to find out if it is DirecWay or there computer/gateway/transponder/satellite?? Thats why the date/time of each cut and paste is so important, since some days seem to be better than others and some believe that the time of day has BIG differance as well. Just as there have been lots of people flocking to the DirecWay section of Testmy, because the speeds are not near as consistant and predictable as Cable and DSL conections. This is a great Forum, a real asset to anyone needing accurate speed information, thanks for all of your help. DonHall
  13. Seems it could sometimes be helpful if the Cut & Paste stats included the date and time. This is particularly valuable for Direcway users since the time of day seems to really affect speeds. Just a thought! This forum is quite outstanding, with very helpful people and the only place to get acurate test results. Thanks to all and, of course KUDO'S to CA3LE, for creating this great site. DonHall
  14. My thanks to everyone for the discussion and info. DonHall
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