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  1. Could be just the Net . Did you try the site VZ gave you. Cablenut program has some tweeaks also try this site http://jlab4.jlab.org:7123/ Speeds seem off a tad what do you get with the supplied Router. Lee PS Sorry I'm rushing thru this but I'm sick as a dog and tring to get ready for Xmas
  2. Yes . Its legit. Most Speedtest cannot handle the FIOS speed. They just break Lee Also they have awireless router at compusa for @$59.00 after rebates with the "Wireless N"I would pick that up if the sale did not end. That way you can handle anything up to 100 Mbps and then some. I'm sure Firmware upgrades would be in the pipeline too. Lee
  3. my bad.. This one http://miranda.ctd.anl.gov:7123/ I get crappy results from the one you did also. Check the results and copy them here Lee
  4. THat test is wrong please use the test site Verizon gave you or one from here. That will help you get a better speed reading than Pitstop Lee
  5. Depending on the unit it may have a MAX of 10Mbps on the wan. Lucky for me the WRT54GS has a 100Mbps and you must set it up for PPPOE. You are absolutely correct that if the other router has a 10 Mbps max that the "Daisychain" remedy will work albeit the wireless may or maynot be a issue. Lee
  6. Correct OOL then FIOS via Verizon. Take Care lee
  7. Look at this ..Totally random.. My Scores are consistently over 14.6
  8. My Wrt54GS with Hyperwrt Beta software works fine. Never even opened the DLink box Lee Let me know if I can help
  9. FIOS Up and running with Linksys PPPOE all is fine. Granted it was running for only 10 min or less before I had to work. I'll keep you posted lee
  10. Hi, I have the WRT54GS ver 1.0 Hopefully I can just plug it in and go. Lee
  11. Try the LAN Port on the Linksys not the WAN. I get the install this coming WED 7/13. I and trying to avoid a issue too. This tip was recommended to me. I can not at this point test it. Lee
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