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  1. Holy Shit Thats The Fastest Speeds I Ever Seen
  2. All You Gotta Do As Wait Until After Christmas . And Then I Bet You It Will Be Half Price
  3. Ur Mabe Go To Sum Were Like Http://Cyber-crimes.ws
  4. It Cost 599.00 Dollars Thats Too Much
  5. Well I Will Be For The Next 1 Month THen It Goes Down To 60.00 A Month And How Do You Make Them Signature Pictures :
  6. Damn 196 Kbs Download Thats Faster Then D-way I Mite Half TOoo Check That Out Is THere A Cap Like D-way But 79.95 A Month I Dont No
  7. It Changes Every Time You Hit The Refresh Button Which Is Better
  8. Like Him ;) :) His Name Is Stan From Southpark
  9. If You Live In The Woods YOUR Ganna Need For Than Good Luck To Get Broadband Pray Hard Like Dno Said And Mybee Just Mybee You Wish Will Come True -------______------------ Good Luck Or Mybee DirecWay
  10. Ok Since You Fucked With Me So Much ill Get To It In A Couple OF Months
  11. Ok I Wont Change It Then Ok Fine With ME
  12. ill Change IT When You Tell Me Were To Get Another.............
  13. recorder bandwidth Were Do You Get That?????
  14. Well If I Had 1Mb Download I Would Get Kida Crazy Tooo
  15. Thats Fast How Did You Git That Fast ???/ Do You Hav Dw6000 :
  16. With Downloads At 1Mb You Should Be Happy I Would BE
  17. Were To Downlod Movies ?????????? :
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