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  1. I just ran 2 tests here and got below 1mg download. Quickly did Megapath and got 2.7mg download and 17ms latency. So not sure what's going on but no worries. It seems fine. BTW brother was just up from FL and we ran a dedicated DSL shielded line from box to primary Verizon router. We also ran a dedicated shielded Ethernet line to the slave router in the kitchen. And yes, this kitchen one is an XP but the one at the primary is a Windows 10. Just FYI
  2. Yes, DC is my default and never Dallas. lol And I think I follow your reasoning which I know is correct. So ... I'll read it several times until it sinks. Thanks again so very much!
  3. Understood, good info. However when I run these test it's usually back to back, in sequence, same issues involved. And I've done this running of sequence of tests often and get the low PING say on SpeedTest.net (Yeah, I know your stomach just turned .. ) But I run about 5 like that and TestMy always gives a 2x or more higher ping or whatever the "ms" stat means. Should I cut that in half? Still cut in half not nearly as good as the other multiple stats. When techs come from Verizon or Comcast they all say they don't worry so much about the speed ... it's the ping they look at. ??? No worry, Just curious ... no need to get hung up on this long. Others have hard problems here in the I suspect in the forum. It's been a long long time since I've visited. Nice to see CA3LE you are still in there and doing well. You've helped me well in the past. Jack ":-Dx
  4. Every test I do .. about 6 others consistently rate me in the 16-18ms ping. Why is my ping here always so high? 59 to 65. I know this is a non-flash with better results but Mytest has never been that much at odds. One is as high as 500+. I consistently get the low above across other speed test. Of course I am very interested in ping and then speed. Thanks so much! jack ":-Dx
  5. WOW! had forgotten all about this. Well I know you have been busy CA3LE with things higher up the priority list. I will check it out soon! Thanks for your committment! jack ":-Dx rgarland, I think CA3LE has answered this right above your post.
  6. Hello members I have been an on and off active member for maybe 2 years now. I'm not good at remembering times and distances. But the work that Ca3le has done here has been quality and devoted. I have no real complaint for what all we are receiving for free. Again .. it's the most professional and quality site of it's kind. I guess I got a beef from what happened just a few moments ago. I had a test running and while it was I was writing about and issue on the forum. I had gotten deep into the issue and all of a sudden WHOOOP! It was gone and the test was running. I thought I'd hit a wrong key or something. So I went back and had re-done the question and deep into the issue WHOOOP! it disappeared again. Skunked once shame on you ... skunked twice shame on me. I then realized you can't be doing anything on the forum if you are running a test. Or have I missed something? Is that matter posted somewhere on the forum clearly that you cannot work the forum while running a test? And so then I looked for a place to pause the test and I guess you can only stop that test and restart another later? I marked as SOLVED another question I asked here just this a.m. My default location keeps going back to Dallas Texas. Someone said it's because I may be cleaning my cache, which I do. But I would have thought our default location would have been kept on the server here at Testmy with our profile rather than on the local here with me. Or, when the banner says on the test that your default location will now be remember in the future, there should be the caveat that UNLESS YOU CLEAR YOUR CACHE? Just thinking out loud here. I think there's a really good thing here and I know Ca3le carries a lot of it on himself. No outburst of complaint here. Just thinking out loud. Thanks so much! Jack ":-D
  7. I see. It's not kept on the server there but on my local here? Then that would or could be it. Yes, I clean it every few days. I am surprised it's not kept on the server there with our other information? No? Thanks, jack ":-\\
  8. Hello, been an off an on active member for a year or more. I have noticed that I keep having to reset my default location. Why is this as it reports it will 'remember' your default location thereafter? Thanks! Jack ":-D Sorry about that double post. Can you remove one. I have been having trouble with the router lately and have gotten used to clicking a time or two. I should have looked at the status bar. Sorry
  9. Unfortunately, I can't describe. And I had the same problem with this monitor on this Pc several years ago and I got it working. I might have tripped over the solution and didn't know it. Unfortunately sometimes I make 2 or 3 tweaks and when I come back to check and it works ???? Which one did it. Well, then I dismiss trying to find out which did. But in the future I should go back and reset the tweaks and see which one makes the fault come back. In the future I'll keep that in mind! Thanks and sorry! ":-DD jack
  10. You got that right. When people come to the forums the helps (as yourself) tend to think it must be a deep problem because they would not think to do wrong something so simple. Maybe that's why sometimes I scan the posts to see if there is something simple that, I think simpler, that I might help. The techies tend to go for the big gulp! LOL Kudos! jack ":-D
  11. Thanks so much. I did get an answer from another forum and it attests to my lack of sense. I could get as far as asking a password to the Windows 8 Pc but didn't work. Well ... explain. I had typed John D Doe When I typed John D. Doe it worked. Can you see the difference, period after the middle initial? I forgot the period the first time I tried it and dismissed it as unimportant and it was important. Once this guy on another forum suggest I do that, and I typed it all WITH THE PERIOD, it let me in. Goes to show how sometimes when you get too much in a hurry you can swish right over the answer. In this case I dismissed something that was important even though it was the lowly (.) Period. When I typed that behind my middle initial and clicked on REMEMBER ME it's all be working since. So it's solved. And thanks again mudmanc4 for your time and help. Jack ":-DDD (happy feet)
  12. I have 2 Xp machines and a Windows 8 Pc with Home Edition. The one Xp machine can access the Win8 Pc files on the network, the other is balking and asking for a password. I have tried every combination of passwords I know that I use signing in, and even created a password for the network on the Win8. Which doesn't make sense as I have the Win8 set to require no password. Still, the other Xp machine wants a password to access the Windows 8 Pc. Anyone understand the logic, the workaround or what is going on that one Pc wants an password and another does not? CA3LE .. where are you! LoL ( the answer man most times ) Thanks so much for all the help. Jack ":-D
  13. Sorry to come back so late. This problem, like a few always do, resolved itself and I don't know how. And I am sorry I don't know what to post as a resolution. Thanks for all the time given, appreciated! Jack ":-D
  14. Hey, that's no problem and thanks for the "shot." There's way more response here than I see on other forums. This it becoming my "go to" place for most issues. Yes, I know there is a work around, I've just forgotten in the same way you mentioned above. I'll keep plugging and be sure to post it when I come across it the next time. I have a folder I've kept for several years now I titled PC HELPS. I used to faithfully write down the answers to things like this on a notepad and keep them. I am going to go searching there. It's possible I might have. Thanks again! Jack ":-D
  15. Thanks TMN Friend: all's well and it's working great with the USB Hard Drive. ":-D jack
  16. How can I bug Christian? haha! Well I'd best not but just wait and see if he returns a suggestion.
  17. As always the info is appreciated. It all sounds good to me. It is an actual USB 40gig hard drive. Of course no fan. I'm not sure just this moment if it is USB 3.0 on the router. It's is one of the latest by D-Link but not sure. Sorry about the loss of the hard drive, a pain for sure. I only have 17g of data to back up so I am going to keep it on the new win8 pc and on the hard drive. I figure is one goes I have the other. I have paid for online storage for several years and I don't need it, even though it's relatively cheap I think between 3 pc's I can keep the data I want on something to recover. I figure only a person with 1 pc is at risk if you have enough of your own separate hard drive space, why pay them for theirs? Thanks again! jack ":-D
  18. I have read so many pro's and con's that I am thoroughly confused. Let me back up. I have Verizon for about 7 years prior to this time around. A short try at Comcast was a fail. I had only 1 modem, the original and it stayed on for those 7 years tirelessly and error free. So why am I asking now with this new modem? Well I'd be prone to leave it on too. However, this new D-Link has a neat little feature. You can plug a thumb drive or external hard drive into it so all your devices can share the files on it. So ... does that mean the external hard drive will be on constantly? I'd assume so, can't think of how it would turn off. I don't know if the hard drive could last that long or be as durable as the modem. So my next question is should I turn the modem and hard drive off each night. I've heard all sorts of things like it's not good for it, it has to find new internet data each time, it might not be good data each time. Do you have an opinion? Remember, not the modem alone now, with an external USB hard drive attached. Can it take being on 24/7 for years. Thanks for any help! jack ":-D
  19. Actually I found the manual online and it seems to be pretty clear on this. SEE POINT 3 Thanks to those that viewed. Jack 1 DSL Port Connect to an active telephone line (RJ-11). 2 LAN Ports (1-4) Connect Ethernet devices such as computers, switches, and hubs. 3 USB Port Connect a USB thumb drive or external hard drive and share files with users on your network. 4 WLAN Button Pressing this button to turn the Wireless feature on or off. 5 Reset Button Pressing the Reset button for 10 seconds restores the modem to its original factory default settings. 6 ON/OFF Press this button to turn the unit on or off. 7 Power Receptor Receptor for the supplied power adapter. 8 WPS Button Press the WPS button located on the side to a
  20. I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook, several years old running XP. Probably the worst impulse purchase I've made computer related. However, all's not lost. I have it hooked up to an LG monitor as the primary viewing and do not even use the Acer screen. All the output is to the LG. I have used the Appearance feature under Desktop Properties to set the ratio and have use the OEM's control panel to set the screen size, clicked apply. Still each new session the screen comes up too large and I have to adjust it. What is maddening is I found a solution to this several years ago when I was using the same configuration but nothing I've Googled or multiple forums have had an answer. It's can't be that big a problem, I solved it before!! However not luck this time. Hoping I can have a stroke of luck here! Thanks for any and all suggestions. Jack ":-D
  21. When I really need answers I come to the place where the answers are always coherent and the guys are always knowledgeable and friendly and that's Testmy.net I switched back to Verizon from Comcast a few weeks back. It's nice to be back to some sanity. Sorry, I know others might have had a great experience with Comcast but it was too much drama for me. But back to Verizon they sent me a new D-Link Wireless ADSL2+ Router, also known as the DSL2750B. It has a USB port in the back for a drive all the devices on wireless system can access. If anyone is familiar with this type of option on any of their routers do you think it's set up to handle an external USB Hard drive or just a Thumb Drive? Thanks, that's it! Appreciate any input as always. Jack ":-D
  22. I do clear cookies occasionally but not that often that every time they'd be gone. And I do log out each session. I'll do a little more investigation. Let's call this answered. I just went to the test site on this machine and it's got DC. I need to pay attention a little more my habits of clearing cache and cookies. You may have hit it on the head. Thanks! Jack ":-D
  23. CA3LE, I assure you I hear every word of that. I pretty much work the same way to my own detriment. As I said they're not big issues with me, just a wondering mind. Had no idea that you were the "lonesome dove" of TESTMY.net. That's not a good thing. I will never mention the issues about multiple deletes again. However, did you have an answer for the 2nd part of my question? Why does the site not hold my default location? Is that a problem here? It's happening on 3 different computers, not matter which one I log in on. As I said I'll run an autotest only to find out several hours later that the default was not used. And I have to change it back. It always comes up Dallas and I have to change it to DC. I do select the default while I'm logged in. Thanks! And take it easy fella. You're no good here if you end up on the floor!! Thanks Jack ":-D
  24. Neither is all that important when you already have a great, helpful website. At one time someone in the management stated that you might make it possible to delete multiple tests from the record, that was about 3 months ago. When I save my default location server while I am signed in, it will never remember it for the next time I sign in and I find I run a bunch of tests before realizing I don't want that location before stopping it and losing the hours I wanted to run the test. It always opens to Dallas when I want DC. That's part the reason why I ask above why we can't delete multiple results. There a lot of results there that mean nothing to me that just take up the space and confuse me when looking over my personal results. That's it. No biggie. Just wondering about thems. Thanks Jack ":-D
  25. Thanks! Those are great features and I feel very appropriate to give credit where due. Above you said "posts" but I suspect you can only click on one per post or question. Posts ... meaning over all the questions asked. Very helpful forum. Knowledgeable and great guys hanging in there to help us "less fortunates" I wish to add to the BEST ANSWER above that after paying a few bucks to get better and more knowledgeable agents at Comcast, and I truly did and could understand them, they tell me and I'll pass on that if you are gateway wise and have changed the channel you use, those techs say the 3-function modem for Xfinity works best on Channel 11. I told him that 1 was the most clear for me and had 0 overlapping networks nearby. He said 11 is the best. I followed and frankly ... the problem is gone. The tablet is not losing it's IP each time. So ... maybe some of you understand this better but it's working.
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