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  1. wow! NOW what more could I ask. And that's great stuff. I think that's about what I need and do appreciate the time you took. This is a great forum. And the active guys are so helpful. This takes the stress of knowing little out of it and I can't say enough how much this information means. Jack ":-D
  2. Mr nd0: Thanks for that. Well I guess I was waiting for specific devices to buy. I don't trust my own judgement looking up what I need. Concerned I'll look down the wrong column or not notice a specification I need to or some such. I would rather replace it all because the Arris provided device is costing $7-$9 a month. I forget but in that range. I think many have done what I am wanting to do with no trouble, if they know what they are doing. So I am deferring here to get the right equipment. I see where TriRan is "as for routers i'm really liking d-link and netgear at the moment" and I take that. I just don't know what models to get. I have mentioned my budget and range hopes above. The cost? I'd rather spend $200 or more for both and be happy, than $100 and find there's little advantage. The range is never going to be more than 25 feet in the house. There may be 2 to 3 devices on, but I can only use 1 at a time. I have devices with /g and /n adapters, so I would like a good dual band and I guess it's best they run simultaneous ... I think I caught above it could be either or? So ... these are busy guys but I'm on it hopefully in enough time. Don't think the techie brother is coming up from FL until June, but like to have the devices on board when he gets here. Thanks to all again! ":-D jack
  3. The talk side is part of the promo deal. Chuck it and rates go up on the TV and internet. I'm not sure what's mean by "wired in" but it's wired in as far as I have to use this Arris modem to plug the phone line in, any phone line, it back feeds into the phone system. Thanks! ":-D You are right TriRan, as I mentioned above it is a promo deal. Thanks and I can certainly understand busy and appreciate your checking in here. I'm doing this now so I won't be in a mad rush for info in about a month or so. ":-D
  4. Golly thanks! Now if only I understood all that. I think I got a handle on 4 port = 4 Ethernet ports? Wireless n = is about the lastest technology of adapters if there isn't something already in the works upgrade Dual band got that ... not simultaneous got that ... but which is preferable? E4 ~~ running Tomato? = man, I'm lost in the bean patch Qos = some kinda operating system but what "Q" is I dunno. I'm not in an ASAP situation but hopefull CA3LE has some good pitches. And back a month or so ago there was another admin that had a good head for this stuff. I have to depend on the knowledgeable! LOL ":-D I did post some answeres above about budget and range. Thanks, Jack ":-D
  5. Thanks. Unless I order by mail the only place I have to purchase locally would be Best Buy, Radio Shack, HHGREGG, or Comp USA. I usually like to see what I'm buying but that's not necessary for the best solution if it needs to be. Budget? Hmmmm ... not a tycoon but wouldn't want to put $100 out and be disappointed. Rather look at $200 + maybe ... if the cost is justified and not just for some bragging justification. Range? My property, I guess using it as a starter is 100 across and 200 deep. But the house is small and that's all I guess I'm really concerned with. I forget exactly but the house must be about 80 ft wide and only about 30 ft deep with a finished basement and FL room on the back. Was that more info than you needed. lol Mainly, I'd say most of the devices are going to be within 15 to 25 feet away at any one time. I have a Windows 8 pc with an /n adapter. An XP pc with a /g adapter. A netbook with a /g adapter and a Xoom Tablet with a /g adapter. A Roku device. But they are all usually backwards compatible aren't they? Somewhere I read a dual band would be best to get the best results, if several devices are on at one time that one might be /g and one might be /n to give them both their best shot? Thanks. Hope this was helpful. Jack ":-D
  6. I was hoping when I called for geniuses that all of you would come running! I have talked to certain ones here in the past that were very knowledgeable. (right about now your saying to self, I don't remember talking to him) Anyway, CA3LE and others helped back then. I am on Comcast and they have been giving me that Black Tower of Doom, the Stupinity all in one telephony, modem and router. Have been through 4 and may need a 5th depending on the next few days results with a change. I have been approportioned the 50mbps on the ethernet. Of course most of you know now that they are giving out ridiculously poor routers. I think this is by design as they know that 10's of 100's of these could be present in one housing complex and they'd be "walking" all over each other. So they make the radio's very poor. From talking here in the past I'd decided to go 3rd party devices. Now as far as I know there is no device that has all 3 operations. However there are modems that have telephony. So you buy the router and bridge them. I was given several suggestions for the modem/telephone http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-SBV6220-Surfboard-Digital-SBV-6220/dp/B0045TB51A/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_7 http://www.amazon.com/ARRIS-Touchstone-Cable-Modem-DOCSIS/dp/B008GG78FU/ref=pd_sxp_grid_pt_1_2 No real suggestions on which device to be a good dual band router. So I am looking for suggestions here. If you followed the first link you'll see they are out of stock. I think a lot of folks are getting the same idea and I'm concerned that when brother gets up here from FL in a month or more (he's my techie) I may have trouble finding good equipment in this area. We are not a city. We about mid-state DE and while we have a number of good stores, no guarantee that the local Best Buy will have it, then it's a 45 or 60 mile trip to the next Best Buy. So I'd like to get my equipment on scene here for when brother arrives and not have to go shop. So I'm looking for anyone that has the same service and replaced the same Arris DOCCIS 3.0 modem/router/telephony black Xfinity tower I will be replacing. All help will be greatly appreciated and I will check the Genius box next to your name for your reputation here. I wouldn't lie! Jack ":-D
  7. Mr Awesome: Did you see the message above yours from CA3LE? Apparently he got it done. On IE browser the EXTRA IDENTIFIER button was not showing, but this has been a month ago so I assume he had time in his busy one to tackle the issue. jack ":-D
  8. Now I'm looking for tools to set SOVLED and BEST ANSWER. Will my ignorance ever stop being exposed here? ":-D ha ha!
  9. NO ... it's swimming in that same pool. 10.0.0.X Is there something in the water I should be afraid of? LOL
  10. Well I've apparent spent out all my LIKES for the day, there's no VISA for LIKES that I know but to all you good guys above that's helped and responed .. BIG LIKE! Ut oh! LIKE police near by! LoL
  11. Nope, this person typed. 20 minutes ..... wait for 20 minutes ..... did I mention WAIT for 20 minutes? SO I actually transferred my calls to my cell, unplugged it for an hour. Maybe that gives something time back at the server to change, recognize, respond? Heck, what do I know? ANSWER: Yes, he said 20 minutes. And after restarting the modem he said wait 5 before turning devices on to re-establish connection with them.
  12. Good news. Everything is back in order. This is the advice and how it all came about: [A quote from source] I have seen the authenticating issue on wife's tab a few times. Power cycle always fixes it. the cause could be many things, so i use ip reserving/mac filtering and 24 hr key renewals. Usually the authenticating issue occurs after the key renews, but it may also be an ip conflict in the router. I have 10 wireless/LAN devices connected to router, and when they power up all have their own reserved IP. I was getting way too many IP conflicts before. [unquote] Me again. Somewhere else, I had thought it was this same person but came from elsewhere Press the Reset Button and while holding it in Remove the modem/router A/C plug. Remove the coax. Wait 20 minutes. Replace coax. Hold the modem/router reset button in while plugging in the A/C cord. Release the Reset button In each device remove your network and then re-establish it and renew the password. This cured the Xoom Tablet that had just of last night stopped connecting. And then to my surprise after doing an earlier restore on the Aspire and renewing the network connect as above it's now working properly. So thanks for pointing me all in the right direction. This was the solution for me! Jack ":-D Did ya read above. And what's with this LIKE quota? we can only like so much? I got this notice this morning about 8:30 and I know I couldn't have posted more than 3 likes. Well maybe 5 ... or 6. But no more. Is that all we get a day. Couldn't there be a REALLY COOL ANSWER button?
  13. Thanks for the help to everyone. The image is gone, I now know how to remove them ... and apparently so does RyanS LoL
  14. Yes, thanks so much! I sent you a message to your inbox. I will not do that again, post sensitive images of data. Is there a way to mark questions SOLVED or to give KUDOs to those who answer? Well it would not let me LIKE your last post. It's early here, I didn't think I'd given that many LIKES already. My quote is up for the day it says. hmmmm??
  15. My button is not grayed out. It simply just isn't there. I'm using Chrome? And TMN I appreciate your comments but it wasn't a matter of posting something wrong. I wish it was wrong. I posted a clip of some of my personal info that while it helped the moderator I was talking to, he said to me after the fact, it might not be good you posted that and remove it would be best. Actually, he said he would for me but it's never been done. But once posted there, then it was too late to go back and edit it. And I have tried to contact the mod who was helping me and I can't seem to get him to respond. I have REPORTED it and nothing yet. I have contacted another mod and no response. Been trying since early last evening. ":-\
  16. Thanks but doesn't seem to resolve. Under all the older posts mine does not have an edit button. I have seen this edit button on a newly posted reply and have taken advantage of it at times, but that option seems to go away after another new reply is added. I see the one you circled was the last post. I wonder if several if you looked above this post your image shows if the edit button still remains? I am wanting to remove an image that was posted but has several replies after it. THanks Jack ":-\
  17. An attachment to a post. Nothing to do with my profile.
  18. The title says it all. How do you remove an attachment. Be clear please. I am a simple man with a simple mind. I need steps, not skips and assumptions that I know. hahaha! Well it's darned true. Thanks so much!
  19. This is true as I see it, all are set to the DHCP and obtain automatically. Now for garsh darn sakes the Xoom Tablet doesn't want to connect???? It connected this morning fine, always has. It shows my network, strength again is excellent but when I click on connect it does'nt. So I'm handling that in a Xoom forum. Getting too many darn things here. I shut the tablet down, removed the instance of my wireless. Rebooted the modem/router and had the Xoom on calling for wireless. It found my wireless and then said Authenticating ......................... ............. ..................................... ( it never stops saying authenticating. Man, I never had these problems with my old slow Verizon DSL with 1mbps. We have no options but Comcast for high speed here. No FIOS and most likely never will.
  20. Yes sir, I am aware of that setting but have I been clear? The Win8 and the old Toshiba laptop here are doing fine, they don't need anything done. It's that blankety Acer netbook. And I am pretty sure those same settings are as you have displayed above on it. Automatically obtain everything. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and follow the shut down and unplug directions you gave me above. But ... anther day. It's getting late darker here on the east coast, I've worked outside, always fun for the first month in Spring .. Ouch! .. so I'll do it tomorrow when I'm fresh and if I do something offhand I"ll have the day to correct it. Thanks so much! ":-D jack
  21. Honestly ... I'm a litle feared that I might do something more terrible. I'm not sure what or where this is? and find the network connection preferences, set the connection to get an IP via dhcp -- not static. and the Windows 8 machine is not physically near the tower. It's in another room. I only use it and the XP laptop next to me wirelessly. The Aspire Netbook is next to the modem and can either use the wireless or ethernet. It's the one that is troublesome. The Windows 8 and the Toshiba laptop next to me are running fine on wireless. I"ll study more what you have written and see if I can find that are where you choose the IP via dhcp ... not static. BTW, there is a place where you can add a device in the gateway at In a bit I'll check that out there. Could that be a solution? Later. And don't worry, your youngin' ( that's Delaware talk ) will appreciate you someday for your stern hand!
  22. Sir you are so kind. But you lose me after the first sentence. I am not terrible literate on the things you speak. I know some things after being on the web since 1996 but not all that, it's mumbo jumbo to me. All I know is what I told you. I was on the Windows 8 pc and saw the double entry while looking through the gateway settings. I deleted them thinking it would just be simple to reboot the modem/router (that is one device, the Xfinity tower with phone ... you know ... the FUTURE OF AWFUL) and now I have the report of connected with an excellent signal. But the webpages won't load. Thanks so much for all that. I'd have to go back to school to understand. Is their a solution, an "undo" to what I did? And I promise I won't do it again. LoL I"ll go to the gateway but I don't think this little Acer Aspire One netbook is even showing up as a connected device. Hold Please ...... back. The Aspire is not showing as an Online or Offline device. I guess the reasoning I had that a double entry before I deleted them so hastily was that the Windows 8 I am on does not have double entry under the devices my gateway has in store. Now I see something I'd never notices. The other XP laptop, offline at the moment, has a double entry. and 10.0.11. I'll see if I can add an attache here. Okay, that's what I'm seeing now. No Aspire and it is on and showing connected, excellent signal but CANNOT LOAD THIS PAGE AT THIS TIME ... or similar.
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