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  1. Now apparently it's saying connected after doing a restore. And says the signal is great and I have an IP address. But it is not showing up on the gateway as a connected device and it will not load a webpage?
  2. Well I have a small Acer One Netbook XP, just one of 3 computers. The others are handier to use thankfully. I was looking in the Comcast gateway and saw that there were 2 entries for that one Acer. And they seemed to have some small conflicting info. So I thought I'll just delete them from the Gateway and let the wireless router find them and re-assign them again. I didn't touch a thing on the router. No such luck. It's not finding the Acer and giving it an IP. I cannot get the Acer to communicate through the Ethernet cable or the wireless adapter. I have been to device manager and it says it's working properly. The Ethernet shows as if it's connected but will not load a page. The wireless will just not connect with a red X. I have Googled and tried about everything I can. You name it I've probably tried it. Does anyone know a foolproof way to undo this? You can add a device from the gateway but you have to know the IP address and I don't see where this Acer has been assigned one. I cant find that. I can find the mac address using "ipconfig/all" but it doesn't show that 10.0.0.X that I'm looking for . I don't even think the router will assign it one for some reason. I tried resetting the router also. Anyone? Thanks Jack
  3. Gee that's some valuable information. Thanks greatly! This might be just the think I do. But last night I found there were some problems on the line, they admitted that, and are coming out. Before I indulge in some personal equipment I'm going to let them work on their problems first. Then if I'm not happy with their resolution I will step up to these purchases. Once again Thanks! jack And I also have heard about the Arris.
  4. This same topic I'd posted was so long from a week ago I started Pt.2 Comcast has always come back at me with "you're getting 50mbps if your connected with the Ethernet cable." No real explanation why the wireless side was so abysmal. Finally, after about 4 techs and the sales guy who sold me even stopping by, a former tech, the last one said, "We've found errors on the line with you and other customers around you." Now mind you, the modem/router had never failed to report 50mbps every time connected, never failed. It was always the wireless so bad. Like 15 feet away it dropped from 50 to 25 and worse, down in single digits during the day on the wireless side. I don't live in an apartment. I life on a small cul de sac on the edge of a small rural town. I have used the program inSIDDer and there are no offending devices. In fact that program, if you know it, gives me a score of 100. But in spite of this last night I was hitting new a new low, testing with testmy, of .389mbps, that's 1/3 of a mbps and then jump up to mabye 6 or 7 mbps. So I called Comcast yet again. Well even though every single time I tested it I got 50 or better, maybe 48 with testmy.net, this observant agent said she detected the signal dropping out. So they are sending yet another tech. In the meantime she "feared" me into their $4.00 plan per month in case the problem was inside. But I seem to remember he ran a whole new line at installation. That would make it bad from the installation? But my problem is I"d love to get rid of the Stupinity device and buy my own but Comcast forum says there is not device yet that handles modem/router/telephony like this one does for triple play. I guess I'm stuck with it. I could buy a router, I know, and bridge them but I'm still in that scenario paying them $7 a month for the modem/router. I guess no one has heard if that one guy at the forum that answered so far is correct? There is not device to handle mod/rout/telphon Thanks! Jack
  5. I found a handy option recently. The EXTRA IDENTIFIER. Kudos to the developers. But has anyone noticed the button does not turn up on IE 10? I suppose Chrome is the browser of choice or is there another even more accurate? Still wondering why the missing button on IE 10 Thanks jack ":-D
  6. Belay that last question. I found the answer I'm sure. the EXTRA INDENTIFIER button. Sorry I bothered you to come here! jack ":-D
  7. I remembered another reason that I posted but had forgotten. When you run tests on multiple machines there seems to be no way to separate the results. I'd like to be corrected on that one if so. It would be nice. I wanted to go back to yesterdays results but realized I didn't know if the results were one pc or the other? Jack ":-D
  8. Thanks so much for this helpful information. jack ":-D
  9. I seem to be able only to do them one at a time with Chrome. Is there anyway to delete old results en masse or is no one concerned about the server space they take up? Thanks Jack ":-D
  10. Did you see above yet? I am thinking faster than I'm getting answers, I know you have many others to follow. What do I need to know about this modem if it is working and the phone side too. If I want to just purchase a good router what do I need to understand to tell you to help me purchase the correct kind? I know I could give all the info on the bottom but I suspect it's just a connection that has to be done between the modem and the new routher? There is a USB on the back, 4 phone and 4 ethernet connections. Would it be as simple as an ethernet cord from the Xfinity modem to a plug in a new router? Then waiting for the pc's to discover the IP. or would I have to deal with Ccast? Still hate the idea of having to pay that $8 a month fee for the modem and buying the router but if it's the best way it is what it is.
  11. 2 routers do not require multiple ISP subscriptions when setup right Think I'm getting it. Everyone using internet must have a modem. Only ones using wi-fi must have a router? The Westell is a modem router combo. I don't know if the tech would do the bridging thing. I don't know if they are really trained to. Honestly. My salesperson for Ccast is local. He stopped by one night trying to troubleshoot. He's been a tech in the past. He asked a group of techs on morning some questions that would they'd have to have pc experience to answer half way correctly. They couldn't seem to get it. He asked them finally up front, Do you guys know anything about computers? One honestly answered, NO, half of us don't. They are just trained to go in. Hook up a meter, check figures and reads. When it comes to creativity to solve something. Many of them are limited in their scope! ":-\ jack
  12. so on the newer pc when connected to ethernet your seeing 40+Mbps? download speeds from tests here? Actually right now the new desktop is hooked up directly to the malfunctioning modem directly and is showing better than 50 most instances on mytest.net As I said, the wi-fi side is gone just since I first posted to you. No one wants to hear whining, and you've heard plenty but what I discovered today was astounding. They have been trying to tell me nothing has been wrong with the wi-fi side for 2 weeks because the ethernet side is fine. A bit ago I was playing around with my old PDA which still works fine and I was wondering if it would connect up to neighbors DSL across the street. I connected up. To my great surprise it was a network called xfinity, not my neighbors. I was perplexed because most of the xfinity around here starts with HOME- XXXX. I'd never seen this before. I finally tracked it down to a church that is over a block away, but behind me with no obstructions to speak of but it connected because I have an xfinity account. So I wondered. I picked up my Xoom tablet and went on the back porch and it connected up to it and I was able to surf and even videos did not hitch and jump. Now if that xfinity spot can give me such a good service a block away how am I to believe that wi-fi in the next room should be accepted with this poor service I've had, as is? The pages sometimes download slow and videos will pause sometimes while playing. I thank you. I am going to re-read all so far and make sure what my plan is going to be. A tech comes tomorrow and is supposedly, according to the phone agent, bringing a "new" modem this time. I'll get back, and thanks tremendously for following up here. Jack ":-D Mark: I am editing. I just thought of something. Verizon never asked me back for the old modem. It's a Westell Versalink Model 327W and never gave me a moment's problem in 7 years. Only thing is when you have 2 modems like you, don't have you have to pay for 2 services? Over and out! :v lol
  13. Thanks for your input. I know of the lists of acceptable modems for replacement. I just hadn't looked into it far enough to know if there was one that handled the telephone too. This Xfinity has the phone line plugged into it which feeds back to all the phones. I suspect there is one no doubt. I'll check that more closely. And thanks to you up there in the "clouds" with all your data. lol I do appreciate your response. Jack ":-D
  14. Mark: Not sure how you made the nice partial quotes in boxes, nice trick: You said: if both PC's are on wifi at the same time then its not an entirely crazy thought that both would exhibit the same issue at the same time and it not be the actual cable companies fault but more so the wifi being delivered by that modem/wifi gateway now if you have one pc directly connected via ethernet and one via wifi and both are exhibiting the same issue at the same time then you can rule out the wifi link being the issue and look more at the actual modem Me back: I wasn't clear. No when the newer pc is hooked to the ethernet and the older one is hooked to the dear neighbors they both are acting as you would expect them too. The older xp is running so nicely on .92mbps that it doesn't seem such a bad scenario if I have to go back to Verizon at 3mbps. You said: cable companies often do this, most cable companies do give you the option to get your own DOCSIS3.0 modem and router which is what i often recommend that way you can choose what suits your needs better, you'll know its a brand new device without a shadow of a doubt and it will be tailored to what you think you need now and possibly in the future Me back: I am aware of this and have been looking into it briefly but not deeply. I have the Xfinity modem that everything, including phone is in the one device. I don't know if they have these available on the market yet. One person on a forum suggested getting my own modem, using the Xfinity for the phone and "bridging" the wi-fi to my own modem? 2 things with that. 1) I'm sure I could do it but I'd have to bug someone for the details, and, 2) I'd still be paying Ccast the $8/month rental fee and on top of that the purchase of my own modem. The rest of what you said sorta went over my head. I'm sure if I looked up things online I could get a sense. I do to some point understand what you say. So a question still. Giving what I have here, you know the older XP and this new HP Pavilion (you've seen what type of adapter it has) what would you think I should expect, on the new pc, from a good modem just 15 feet away with one plaster wall between the modem and this new pc? I was getting near 40mbps with the first modem for 2 weeks until it dropped back significantly. Do you think 40 was a fluke or could that be realistically expected? And by the way, when I say 40mbps, that is adjusted in my mind after learning about this site and it's test. The Comcast was reporting 50 or better. So I figure realistically I was only getting about 40mbps. Thanks again for your time. jack ":-D
  15. Gosh when you hit post you never know if the post actually posted. I hope it did, it was quite lenghty! ":-(
  16. Triran: I'd have to read and re-read as I am not as proficient in things modem wise as you are. However let me add this. Since I posted this there has actually been another significant event. The wi-fi dropped out completely. The wi-fi light on the Modem is out. The Ccast support tried several things having me unplug the coax and and the power and then after so long plugging it back in. The wi-fi light is still out and there is no wi-fi. I am actually using my friends DSL with Verizon across the street rather handily @ .92mbps. So in summary: I have the desktop plugged into the modem and it's fine plugged in but there is no more wi-fi. Again, in my mind I have watched the wi-fi degrade over the last week. I thought the wi-fi or radio part of the modem could be considered separate from the direct connection. Also, I should explain that I have 2 computers one near the other. I have tested this multiple times with one of them off and then on. No difference and I should also mention that the 2 pc's displayed the same issues at the same time. As one degraded so went the other one on wi-fi. So that's why in my laymen mind I do not blame my computers. I blame the wi-fi side of the modem. I think I mentioned I have one portable phone and the last time a tech was hear he checked it. It had no effect when unplugged from the phone system and the electric. I live on a small cul de sac in an old part of a very small town. There are no businesses or anything electrical in my vicinity Nothing has changed from the day they plugged it in and it was getting very good wi-fi speeds until it slowly deteriorated to now ... DOA. The tech on the phone let something out that I don't suppose they usually like to but he apparently they have on record if it is a new or refurbished modem as he said as he read .... "refurbished" ... I am going to inform the tech to bring a new modem this time. I said thank you ... that would be greatly appreciated. The modem is an Arris DOCCIS 3 compliant. I believe at this time the pc uses a wireless b/g/n from what I might have seen. (Please see the attachment) It's a brand new HP Pavilion with Windows 8. The older laptop is a Toshiba XP about 7 years old. From the beginning it only got about 2/3rd the speed the new one. I accepted this as possible older technology but they what you say about syncing properly there might apply. It's the new desktop that baffles me. As I said though, they both mirrored the same issues as the signal seem to degrade and nothing in the house was changing. The modem is about 15 feet away through 1 drywall with wood. There are no Bluetooth devices and the cell phone sits several rooms away in the kitchen. When the newer pc is connected it does have 54mbps on the little icon with Excellent signal. The XP when working has 54mbps with Excellent signal. So again, in my limited mind I'd think that it would carry the 50mbps. I have included a clip showing a little more about the adapter the newer PC is using. You'll see in the clip it is a 802.11bgn Thanks for your time! jack ":-D
  17. I don't know what to say. I was strict about not giving into their hype. I was happy with my Verizon phone and Directv. But was always down about the copper wire DSL thing with Verizon. We have no FIOS and almost as much as been told don't expect it. After 5 years of waiting I finally got the hook in the jaw when the guy came to the door 3 times. I let him in and when he said he'd give me 50mbps, and I was only getting .5 to 1mbps if lucky, that was it, I'M IN! So I took the Triple Play, Xfinity I guess it's now called. Now he was talking direct connection and I am talking wireless in my head. I might have asked him about the wireless but he did, to his credit, say that in extremes you may experience as low as 30mbps. So I thought hey that's still good. So I bought in. They set me up and for some reason with this new HP desktop Pavilion I was getting 50mbps faithfully and wireless even being 15 feet from the modem. This was great for 2 weeks and then something happened and it dropped off. Using Comcast's test I was getting 28mbps, below their promise of 30mbps under extremes. Then it's dropped down to 12 at times. After several techs and a new Arris DOCCIS 3 compliant modem there is no change and no explanation why I was getting such good speeds for the first 2 weeks. After testing here at testmy.net I feel I have real reliable numbers. Today Comcasts speedtest had posted over 30mbps, not bad, and now down to 28. But here it says more around 19mbps, which I feel is reliable. A far cry from 50mbps. To be sure, their "OUT" is that I am getting the 50 direct connected to the modem. I live in an old cul de sac in a small town and there is no interference. No one above or below or beside me. The house closest to me and the modem is empty. I have no explanation and they are tired I suspect of hearing from me. I too am tired of hearing me. You know what bugs me. Now they are saying that 12-15mbps is all I could expect with the modem 15 feet away. And here's another thing in my crawl. I have a friend across the street that I do maintenance on his computer. He has the old Verizon DSL at .5 to 1mbps and I can connect to him consistently and get a .92mbps consistently and he's only promised 1mbps at the best. So old slow Verizon DSL is sustainable, but big Xfinity cannot get me from a 50mbps at the modem to the pc 15 feet away at any better than 12mbps. This is not what I thought I was buying into. If there were not some advantages I like on the phone and the cable tv service I think I would have bolted before the first month was out. Is there any possibility that someone has found some resolution to something similar? Thanks so much! jack ":-|
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