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    I've been taking the practice cissp exams through skill soft....and I've not done so bad. Its just the years of experience required to carry the cert I'd be lacking. 5 years but they remove a year for having a degree in IS.
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    Well the modem I am referring to is for cable Internet and it would probably help a lot you see your cable modem will sync to see specific channel over time and if that channel is saturated with to many clients you won't see your bandwidth docsis3.0 modems bond multiple channels to achieve your advertised speeds so think of it as multi threading a download the cool thing about docsis3.0 modems is even docsis2.0 service benefits from them there is a post on here somewhere explaining that I will try to find it for you in a bit when I'm not posting from my mobile
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    Hello all,
    I currently subscribe to Windstream Communications for my aDSL service. My aDSL speeds are supposed to be 6Mbps/768kbps . I know that I will rarely see my speeds exactly on the nose for those numbers, I've seen my speeds fluctuate all of the time. My upload speed is pretty consistent, but my download speed is...bad.
    I've had no problems with Windstream for several years, they have always been pretty reliable with only seeing downtimes when they have scheduled maintenance. Last year in June I started having sporadic download speeds (happy birthday to me). I have been told several times that they see no problems with my connection, of course they are only pinging my modem, I assume, with a small packet. I have had the technicians, the ones that come to my home, tell me the area is oversubscribed. I have had the phone technicians tell me the DSLAM for my area is old, or ill-repaired, or over subbed. I have been told that there have been scheduled maintenance dates to resolve my issue (July '12, Nov '12, Jan '13, Feb '13). I am receiving a $10 a month credit to my account for the issue.
    My speeds during the day are acceptable, fluctuating between 4 and 5.5Mbps. My download speeds in the evening are anywhere from .05kbps to 900kbps. It is a bit absurd if you ask me.
    Things I have done.
    Scanned/ensured I have no malicious code on my PC (As a information security major I better not have any lol)
    Speed Tests on multiple sites including this one
    tracert to different web sites - all low ms
    ping to different web sites - all low ms
    Power cycled my equipment
    Replaced the modem/upgraded the modem
    Checked the customer connections on my home for corrosion
    What else can I do to ensure this company fixes their issue. I am about to file with the FCC, BBB, and attend the next city council meeting to see if we can get competition for this company in our town. The only competition they have is a cable company and the cable company is worse (if you can believe that) and the reason I switched to DSL in the first place.
    I do play online games, but my priorities are with my online school. Sometimes I have virtual labs, remote sessions, and videos to watch. The best time for me is in the evening when I am home from working.
    What can I do?
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