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  1. whoa dude thats odd mine like never crashes it awlays plays great
  2. Itunes 4.9 = hold my 28.5 Gigs of Music BS Player = Plays my 15 Gigs of Video VERY well im settt
  3. the best dude, i LOVE it and so does my ipod =)
  4. to be honest with you I use a Edited version of AIM i did with REshack and i use a program alled messenger mate with middle man installed on top of that and also i have security clerence it runs really low RAM and i dont even notice it
  5. yeah it does! its a advanced aim that allows you toconencto even IRC do you NEED more?
  6. yes but the original intention for Gaim was to use it on linux and it comes preinstalled on most distros
  7. once gain a LOVELY linux program and talk launched and it is acculy made voice over IP u can use your ip phone to call someone and talk
  8. eh windows is ok and lnxu is my favorite apple does suck and they stole unix theres no reason why it cant be on linux
  9. duhh its linux better driver for a better OS lol i still ahve to use windwos for my ipod tho his is only temp tho there porting to unix i hear
  10. suse has its own config for netty in it
  11. Linuxiso.org the new distro thats what i use
  12. i am useing DSL with PPoE and it was auto my friend
  13. real weird man sorry to hear linux is a great and powerful OS its really nice
  14. no way dude if windows dectects im sure linux would too linux is REALLY good about LAN its pretty much all LAN based as far as intenret goes
  15. yeah your a rare case usualy linux is like bam everything is ready to go.....
  16. like i just said....they call u a Permium Verizon Member or something like that because you have more than one Verizon Service the more you are with the cheaper everything is
  17. word man hes got a point or even a nice spounge bath btw waht program can check your temp again i forgot it something fan?
  18. lol that or buy your computer a Personal Fan =)
  19. sweet i dont want wireless.....we use cell phones TOO much for it
  20. Wow Same here Man Aol BAD then i went with MSN for a while alot better then i went with Verizon DSL 1.5 then 3.0 i v been hew the stages 0_o
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