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  1. Its very easy..Ive done it loads of times earlier Just follow that tutorial..
  2. I have not written this guide and I cant find the person who did it, so cant give him credit. I had this saved. It is very easily done. All you have to do is setup a NAT (Network Address Translation) network with a software routing program (Wingate). I'm only going to type up a vague tutorial on how to do this. 1) Have both (or more) of your modems connected to different NIC cards (or just buy a USB hub and connect you cable modems that way). 2) Make sure both modems are fuctioning separately, AND THAT BOTH IP ADDRESSES THAT THE MODEMS HAVE OBTAINED ARE ON DIFFERENT GATEWAY
  3. AMD [email protected],ASUS Sli Premium,XFX [email protected]/1250,512*2Twinmos [email protected],17"LCD/ SamsungSyncmaster 710N,Antec True EPS 2.0 550W,Coolermaster Stacker T01,400gb SATA,80gb maxtor,120gb Samsung,Sony DRU Combo drive.. Currently using a Bong cooler with a dangerden TDX.. I'm getting DFI nf4 Sli-DR on saturday and Thermaltake Bigwater SE...more overclocking
  4. Sify..64kbps? damn. sad connection. They have a 150mb/day limit too.Though nights are free from 10pm to 8am. Which city are you in ? What are the other choices? You might want to consider MTNL or BSNL. Airtel is the best currently offering 256kbps unlimited for Rs.999. Exattnet is also nice.
  5. pls suggest on this rig.. hi all...im looking to say goodbye to my p4 2.4..thinking of the following PC.. amd 3700+ 1MB CACHE a8n sli premium 2x128mb 6600 gt pci 512x2transend 1gb ram is it good? shud i opt for amd fx instead of 3700+? or rather better graphics cards...? i can either go for amd fx..or better graphic cards.. like to play games sometimes like far cry, nfs u2,moto gp3..etc etc any other suggestions..? thanx a lot.. p.s. im in india n its costing me around $1611.
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