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  1. Hi, got this insane problem.. well i have two connections, one is PLDT myDSL connected to my Modem/wifi router linked via Wireless Lancard, and the other one is SmartBro connected to LAN port in my PC.. now how can i bind the speed w/o using a dual WAN router? i also want to bind my 3G connections over my 6120c phone bind to my existing connections... is it possible to have two or more Internet connections in one PC? what software do i need to joint this connections?
  2. oh? so your problem has been solved? nice one.. well i still have this error 30200 error from bro-portal.. ohh well
  3. well before you use the alternative access of the canopy.. 1st you need to enter the correct info on your TCP/IP let say, IP: Subnet MASK : - this is really important, coz this is the baseline of the computer for it to calculate the right IP configuration.. having a default sunetmask ( or smartbro: will give different info regarding on its gateway. so if all else fails.. i think there's a settings that you need to enable (might have been disabled by the tech) that will prevent you to access from lan.. only from wan... which is pretty impossible.
  4. well the only solution to your problem is to call CS, and tell me what does the error coed mean... well i think you need to reregister your mac on to their system..
  5. wanna share this to you... it seems that you got a corrupted bios that needs to be re flashed.. well that's really tough one.. REALLY.. well last month, i killed my board by flashing my modified ROM.. so turns out.. i got that kind of error.. so it needs a floppy disk to recover my bios.. but unluckily.. i dont have any... so i borrow one from a friend.. and so i create a boot disk out of dinosaur floppy.. well that didn't turn right.. it seems that the award boot loader doesnt know how to read floppies (it just keep reading at random places..) so that didnt help me either. so i manage to borrow something again.. this time a CPU... and yeah.. its AMIBIOS CPU... so using that PC, i manage to surf the web an look for solutions.. and i found one.. this time.. its really scary one.. HOT FLASH.. well this procedure can kill the other board as well as yours.. and i got my finger crossed not to burn my bios nor his mobo.. so here's what you need.. your backup BIOS - comes in .bin files.. you can get one in the web, just search the model code of your mobo and will direct you to a download page. FLASH UTILITY - a tool that flashes your bios ill advise to use UNIFLASH coz....... well uhh.. FUTURISTIC FLOPPY DISK - Floppy disk or flash disk... well.... A BOOTABLE - Floppy DISK MAKER - www.bootdisk.com A HOST PC - a PC that will carry this insane procedure.. well... i cant explain everything here on this forum... mind as well post the link.. http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=62&pgno=0 well try googling for other guides.. oh one note.. before doing a hotflash procedure.. mind as well check your manual for bios info.. like the size of bios.. bios voltage as well as the bios chip used.. and check if your host mobo has same bios specs so you wont get fried up. also... it doesn't really matter if the host or your pc has a different bios file .. eg.. award, ami.. well if you use awardflash.. it only works on award bios.. nor mobo.. and same goes to ami.. but if you get both diff mobo.. use uniflash so it wont get an error of flasher's incompatibility.
  6. ahh i think i can answer that... hhaahah well.. the simple explanation about that is you are in a wireless network.. and under a remote router.. and that router, is connected to a pipeline which has the WAN IP which is firewalled.. ill post a detailed pix on how smartbro relay its IP and bandwidth..
  7. WHAT IS THAT INSANE SPEED YOU GOT THEIR! okok... im really freak out.. btw, there are tons of proxy sites to choose, well try remove your current proxy ( is actually your pc local IP, so it will just loopback your connection) so for starters... why do you need proxies? is your connection too slow? or pages cant be viewed? there are different types of proxies.. Active, Passive, Transparent, anonymous and web based... Active in conjunction with Transparent - the IP that is registered to the website is your WAN IP,and your connection is not cashed this allow streaming access. Active in Conjunction with Anonymous- Your using other IP to view a website, good for annonymous access and still capable for streaming connections. Passive INCW Transparent - cashed/transparent Passive INCW Anonymous - cashed/anonymous Web Proxies, a site that converts your website address to their own codings to bypass restrictions or admin banned Websites. well thats all for now... you can get proxy from www.proxyrat.org
  8. hi again.. any noticeable updates? btw? I have limited or no Connectivity problem on my Smartbro.. it seems that they're down at this set of time (starting around 3am)... to save bandwidth? or to lessen their expense? well.. and so far.. i notice their DNS Prefixes changed back to merdiantelekoms.com ( does my spelling correct?).. so what does suppose this thing means? currently.. im using WIFI connection from my neighbors DSL.. well i didn't intended to steal connections.. i got permission from them.. so i can only browse and surf.. no BTing.... aniweis.... i have found ways on how to maximize bt DLs using smarbro connection.. you only need to find fast proxy servers and let your peers go their.. this will somehow bypass unfowarded ports... some how.. i get a green check but turns back to freewalled state.. but my connection is realitively faster then the usual.. (arroung 50KBps DL/DL... as my QoS is set to 500/500)
  9. got my canopy (friend's canopy) upgraded to V8.2.4 but the canopy boot is still at V1.. now.. nothing happens. same 1Mb aggregated.. well the canopy ESN warranty is expired.. so i use the ESN of our AP to get the pkg2 files.. btw.. here's my GF's Canopy.. this screenshot was taken last year.. since last time.. i havent notice its own software boot ver. but lately ive read this thread and notice that some users prefer v3 rather than 1... now, what's with v3? does it have any effects on booting up the canopy? also.. does SMARTBRO disable the network neighborhood on the network? well here in my GF's Place, i can still see all network computers connected on the smartbro APs.. but when i view my network neiGBorhood.. i cant find any other PC in the network.. but the SectorUserCount says it has 34 clients connected.
  10. guys.. just want to share this to those who cant find a 6pin RJ11 Plug.. well my local electronic shop has this type.. but unlucky.. they dont stock anymore.. now for some frustration.. i bought 4 pin RJ11 instead... so if you look closely.. both 6 and 4 pin are the same (yeah right) but the only difference is that well the copper contacts and the wireguide inside.. the 4 pin has only 4 pins and 4 wireguides.. while the 6 pin has 6 wire guides.. to make a default plug using the 4 pin.. you need two things... 1 metal fastener (or a metal strip long and wide enough to cover both 4 and 6th pin. and a stove.. now.. first.. remove all 4 pins in the RJ11 plastic.. if you look closely... there are 2 unfiled slot on both sides.. which the pin 1 and 6 in 6 pin are located.. now the problem is that the wire guide is blocked coz its only used for 4 pin.. now heat up a metal stripe and insert it inside (on where you put the wire..) well be careful not to damage some plastic parts.. you only need to melt the pin6 wireguide which is blocked by a plastic filling. once youve reach the desired location.. dont pull it out.. leave it stuck (if ever you missed the pin6, you need to redo the process) now.. we only need to short pin4 and 6 right? and the rest is disregarded... so place back those copper pins back to pin 4 and the other one to pin 6 guide pins.. and crimp it.. now the metal stripe will be the conductor inside.. shorting the pin 4 and 6 together.. this will solve your Default plug! now the rest of those copper pins can be used so keep it. take note.. i use a a matal fastener and tape the excess with electrical tape.. that will serve as my handle when pulling out the DP.. and i also remove the plastic lock so that i can slip it and pull it out without any problems~ well thats all for now.. hope this help you guys~ btw? this will not cost you 200 or more.. it only cost my 5 pesos for the the rj11 plug and 5 pesos for a metal folder fastener (witch is lying around) so all in all.. 10Php..
  11. hi guys.. im just new here in testmy.net but im not new on how canopy works.. and how to upgrade... i got my GF's Canopy upgraded from 7.XX to 8.1 SMDES last year.. now i want to upgrade one of my friends canopy (i borrowed it just for my enthusiasm) now.. about ng 1Mb to 7Mb.. this really hard to achieve.. but what if.. we use the 7Mbps package to update those who have 1Mbps? that way it MIGHT overwrite it and turn it to 7Mb.. So far.. we cant access smartbro prism as its lock and dont what them to get those higher bandwidth..
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