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    Time with family, Grand-pawing, walks, fishing, net-surfing, research, scrabble, literati, reading, crosswords, mahjong; trying my luck at Lottery, Sweeps n' PCH

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  1. Howdy they just finished laying fiber down our street; not sure when they go "Live", but we're on the List...tired of the slow DSL dry-loop; so, please tell me...how is the new fiber...looks like your getting 80 down...whew...I've on the the 'up-to-6' ATT plan for years now, and it rarely gets past 5, let me tell you...but for the most part, I can still stream netflix, or Uverse movies, youtube stuff without too many problems...(sometimes I tweak the system...shut down all the background stuff going on to help out)-- --But heck, with 80...it must be screaming!...Please let me ask?...Do you use a proxy server?...I found that HotSpotShield has my browsing drop 1...and sometimes it c r a w l s ........checked for virus by ms system checker...nothing!...run win7, 3GHZ dual cpu; Had to change out the modem/router...the old 2wire was causing drops...the new netgear n300 is pretty smooth so far...except when I run the proxy server...Tell me if you experience similar loss of bandwidth? Thanks
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