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    Edgykris got a reaction from CA3LE in hello new fibre customer as of monday aug5   
    they just finished laying fiber down our street; not sure when they go "Live", but we're on the List...tired of the slow DSL dry-loop; so, please tell me...how is the new fiber...looks like your getting 80 down...whew...I've on the the 'up-to-6' ATT plan for years now, and it rarely gets past 5, let me tell you...but for the most part, I can still stream netflix, or Uverse movies, youtube stuff without too many problems...(sometimes I tweak the system...shut down all the background stuff going on to help out)--
    --But heck, with 80...it must be screaming!...Please let me ask?...Do you use a proxy server?...I found that HotSpotShield has my browsing drop 1...and sometimes it c r a w l s ........checked for virus by ms system checker...nothing!...run win7, 3GHZ dual cpu;
    Had to change out the modem/router...the old 2wire was causing drops...the new netgear n300 is pretty smooth so far...except when I run the proxy server...Tell me if you experience similar loss of bandwidth?
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    Edgykris reacted to oldsmokey in hello new fibre customer as of monday aug5   
    so far so good tested speeds average 80 down 35 to 40 up ,here in lil ole vermont
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