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  1. ================ ACCOUNT INFORMATION ================ Domain/Subdomain: http://xxxxxxxxxx Package: xxxxxxxxx IP: xxxxxxxxxxxx Control Panel: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Username: xxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxx FTP: ftp.xxxxxxxhost.com MySQL: To create your MySQL database go in your Cpanel Account and click on the "MySQL Databases" Menu. You must create a database and a username with password. Then you must add the username to the database. Message from Admin: Please do not forget to update the DNS (nameservers) at your domain registrar to the followings: ns1.weezyhost.com -> ns2.weezyhost.com -> Please allow 24-72 hours for domain propagation. Your domain will not work unless it is propagated throughout the internet. After your own domain name is setup and working on weezyhost.com please email us to remove the hotlink protection! Your pictures will not work until we manually add your site to the config list. I am illiterate in web site creation and have no knowledge of website publishing so please help......... What does all this Mean? What Should I Do? How? "xxxx" Are purposely marked!
  2. I have Windows XP home Edition I don't know about slot but it says "Agere Win Modem [COM 3]" My Modem Compression is Enabled.
  3. I have Juno Dial-up internet access . Juno provides 56 kbps but I can only get 28.8 kbps at the most the "Speed:" (under my Juno status window START>Connect to>Juno). Number in figure do not move, they've never gone above or below 28.8 kbps . So, Is my modem speed set to certain amount? which does not allow the internet to go faster then 28.8 kbps. My modem is Agere Win Modem (56 kbp/s compatible) Any suggestions.......Comments............
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