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  1. Since we work on these systems day in and day out...believe me, there is a problem. I, too, have had stable service on SatMex5 since the early beta-testing days of DirecWay. Most people have no problem but there are some that have vexing problems that switching frequencies on the same satellite can't fix. Swapping equipment doesn't fix it and the only thing that does is switching to another satellite. We suspect switching resets everything in the NOC chain and for whatever reason, it fixes the problem. Like I said thou, most people don't have such problems (thank God!!).
  2. Any feedback from anyone that might have one of the new systems??? It's supposed give stable speeds...
  3. Althou hughes will not admit it, it's probably their NOC center issue. You need to be moved to another satellite but you must enter a trouble ticket and when the guy arrives try forcing him to move to another satellite. When you call they will try other frequencies and just demand a try at another frequency. If that fails and they issue a trouble ticket, then pull the request to be moved to another satellite...
  4. At the end of February, Wildblue will switch their e-mail service to G-mail. There are plenty of reasons not to be too excited about this change: http://www.slate.com/id/2175651/ http://epic.org/privacy/gmail/faq.html If you don't want to be Googled change your password to a 5 character word before the switchover and you will be notified that a e-mail account with Google will not be possible when the switch takes place. Simply ignore the warnings and you will not be signed into the new system. Your service will be unaffected. Call customer service and give them whatever e-mail address you would like to use for a contact if your previous one was @wildblue.net. If you currently use a password with 6 or more characters you will have a g-mail account automatically built. Your e-mail will remain @wildblue.net but it will be fully administered and housed on the google computers.
  5. as for the realtime monitor, you can login to your portal access point for Wildblue then go "manage my services" then go to "view bandwidth usage" or use this link: http://signin.wildblue.net/iar-interfaces/fapframe.html
  6. My 4000 quit working yesterday. I thought it might be heat on the modems so I cooled them down, the receive light came on steady and the transmit returned to steady but when trying to surf, the transmit light indicates it's trying but never a receive return light. Coincidentally the signal meter refuses to pull up citing some sort of error. When I call tech support there is a recorded message about "degradation of service on SatMex 5" (and one other but I'm on Satmex 5 so I didn't pay any attention). Anybody go through the hoops in India to find out what is going on?? It seems to have been out for about 24 hours now...
  7. I've never gotten Indian techs with Wildblue but then I've only called them twice and only in the last month. I notice you have a .98 dish which would be the Business system for Hughes and I think they get routed to different techs? Starband for SURE has US tech support...
  8. I just discovered a "work-around" that will let you pull up the web sites from Go-Daddy... http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html will let you type in any web site address and then link off there. It is actually a site that lets you surf anonymously but it works for getting around the Wildblue problem... Enjoy!!
  9. I couldn't pull down those 2 sites either. I just noticed the other older thread regarding this issue and I can pull down some of those sites thou. bummer...
  10. I'm having no problem with www.godaddy.com...are you trying to go to a ftp site or somewhere else?
  11. Test moments ago on original WB satellite: minimum 1159ms, maximum 1706ms. The very worst thing about Hughes is the Indian Tech Support and the crappy way they handle ticket reports. In my opinion I would never go with Hughes because of that. UNLESS, you need better FAP and always are on usenet or something, then Hughes would take the ball without the harassing and threatening phone calls from Wildblue when you reach just 80% of your allocated threshold for the month.
  12. Interesting...I wonder if they switch to India after the 8-5 PST shift in the US? It did seem one of the times the person was American but on another occasion at 8:15 MST it was foreign.
  13. All the more reason to support the ones that do. I'm starting a web site that lists the companies that use India Call Centers and give alternatives for the same product that don't use India. For example while Hughes Satellite Internet uses India (and it is indeed call center HELL!), the friendly people at Wildblue connect you to Colorado Springs...
  14. I called D-Link several times in the last couple of weeks and each time got some foreign sounding person, and would not tell me where they were. To be truthful, their english was better than most but the last time I called the tech, when asked where he was located hesitated and then said "California" to which I asked the capital of California to which he hesitated and then replied he didn't know because he just moved there. So It's not positively confirmed I guess but suspected...
  15. Does anybody know of any wireless router manufacturers that provide U.S. tech support? I know Belkin and D-Link don't... thanks!
  16. FYI: that highspeedanywhere.com site has now instituted a fap policy that is similar to wildblue's...just because of that Dway looks better because you're not throttled back for a month with a major fap infraction in a previous days session...
  17. Continuing info: Info on the largest trial being built to millions in TX apparently without any RF interference issues:: http://www.currenttechnologies.com/about/index.html Info on interference issues and overview from Ham Radio concerns: http://www.qrpis.org/~k3ng/bpl.html (Note the author of above is one of the most vocal critics of BPL and is also a Ham Radio proponent - he posts on other forums if you search as "rf-engineer" and possibly other handles) info on the Comtek experiment in Manassas, VA with link to subscription page: http://www.comtechnologies.com/ http://www.govtech.net/news/news.php?id=96885 summation: the experiment in Irving, TX apparently provides no interference to RF community so might be the one to watch.
  18. Ah, I see says the blind man. Not familiar with that frequency. Today we went through about 8 frequencies on that satellite with no result over 50. We settled back to the original frequency that gave a signal of 59. We were also trying to troubleshoot a intermittent problem on a system installed 2 days ago. Worked fine for the rest of the day after install then yesterday began working and then not working... Regarding your problem, since the original installer didn't ground the system, perhaps they also made crappy connector attachments. Check each connector and make sure the pearly white insulation is even with the silver interior base of the connector. If there is a gap of more than 1/16, or if the base isn't pearly white, that could be a culpret. If the cable is not pearly white, use a toothpick to try and scrape the pearly white area and clean it up. If they are OK, Try swaping the cables between the transmit side and the receive side by unplugging modem, swap cables at dish then swap cables at modem and retry. If signal is up but transmiter gives problem it could be the cable. Anyway, those are a couple of simple things that you could look at that could result in the problem you identified.
  19. Which satellite and frequency are you assigned to? Many of these type problems are DirecWay's fault (though they will never admit it) and the only way to fix them is to switch to a different frequency...
  20. Well, you will eventually get something that it won't play or that you have a incomplete source file on and that's where VLC comes in.
  21. I think he's going back in time and referencing resopalrabotnick and his suggestion that the available bandwidth would never be much above a phone line...it's all too technical for me, I'll let you guys theorize on that
  22. Anybody know what it means when the amber light comes on, connectivity stops but signal is still as high as ever. A few hours, a day then light turns blue and works again...sometimes for days/week then repeat performance. As usual Dway tech support is useless, say level 2 will call back but nobody ever calls back.
  23. The only thing I don't like about VLC is you can't load a bunch of files from different directories into the play queue (and it crashes more than my ATI player that just deletes unfamiliar formats or codecs from the queue). Does K-Lite let you do that??
  24. Thanks Tonyswirl! Your first link a few posts ago is dead, but the one just posted is interesting. But, yipes, haven't been on for a while with hard disk failure and #$%@$, so was surprised to see the clash of titans early in the thread. Anyway, my original request referenced a NPR report that said a breakthrough was taking place in BPL so any technical reference before that time might have been on the wrong track for profitability and performance. Hope the Manassas trial works well. Any links to such reports would be appreciated! Here's one that I just got in the mail...Google's in on it??: http://www.telecommagazine.com/search/article.asp?Id=AR_1180&SearchWord=
  25. Heard story on NPR a month or so ago, and see web pages about test cities, etc...anybody have any experience with such??
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