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  1. criticism accepted and appology extended. I'll be sure to choose my words more carefully in the future. Just been a bad day and these constant errors have been a pain in the ass
  2. I can't say much about biz class, and residential does vary from one division to another, but the speeds don't usually vary by upload alone. Each package is a different range of upload and download. standard is 5/384, premium is usually 8/768, excluding Brighthouse in tampa with its new premium services.
  3. If that is your own router, you ISP will likely want you on a direct connection, though I doubt that will change anything seeing as your hops to the router are fine. And I wouldn't worry about spyware, that should affect the results of a traceroute, like it might with a speed test
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance. As for my reply to dlewis23. Sounds like you don't know shit and most likely just open your mouth to hear yourself talk, cuz its obvious there's nobody else listening to ya.
  5. metallic82


    I wouldn't be able to answer much about dial up, but as far as security, I would stay away from any ETrust products. Considering the EZ Armor package retails at 99.00$ US I'd say its paying customers are gettng ripped off. Many ISP offer it for free, mostly likely because they were the lowest bidder. As far as Spyware removal, I'd go with something like Spybot or Adaware.
  6. Do you have any security set up on the router. WEP or SSID? if so I would suggest disabling these features and going with a Mac Filter set up instead. Still secures your connection keeping other users away, but with the slow down of signal encryption. Also do you have Hardwired computers and are they giving you any problems.
  7. Hey all, just wondering if anybody has some ideas on sw for copying DVD's to get past some protection. I currently use DVD shrink, and DVD Decrypter. Lately I've come across more and more disks that DVD Shrink won't read, and if I use DVD Decrypter first, all I get is the special features. Recently I've also tried DVD Region + CSS Free, also with no luck. I also have a mac running 10.4, (currently no classic compatibility) it only has a 4x Superdrive, but if you know of any good programs for the the mac that may work I'm happy to try them as well.
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