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  1. I just found out how to check my modem restriction with xplornet, I pay for 1.5 meg service however My modem is restricted by them to 600Kbps sustained I feel defrauded ANYBODY feel like a class action suit.
  2. If you get half of advertised with xplornet you are golden, don't bother looking for any more it aint there. IF you log about 30 or so tests over 2 weeks at random times that are under 1/2 of advertised and email them to tech support, then call them 40 or 50 times, spend 20 or so hours on hold, they will tell you it's your fault! and it is because you gave them your trust. If you get real lucky with a level 2 tech he may update your settings and give you a tad more speed in the burst. but don't look for any more than about .6 for continuous downloads of 5 megs or more.
  3. I use the dsl in cablenut, for my xplornet wireles canaopy. or just use tcp optimizer it will test and set the maximum available settings.
  4. yes tech support sucks, I spent almost 20 hours in one month on hold only to be told lies, It turns out they were doing upgrades to the tower iwas on, If they had told me that at the begining of teh issue I would have cuthemsome slack, I have told everyone thatsks me about it haw bad their tech (support) is. Notice i put support in brackets because there wasn't any. as soonas hydo one finshes ther new high speed in this area I'll be gone from xplornet. bell is also looking at upgrading lines in the area to offer dsl. once bell upgrades the lines, i will get the discount dsl from ontario dsl that i bought for my parents 3 megs for like $20 a month. speed tests always check in the high 2's to mid 3's
  5. My issue was finally resolved, They were doing an upgrade at the tower I was on, It took them a month, they didn't admit it till after they were done. I had and still have great connectivity to the tower, it was an issue between the tower and the net. It seems the tower was piggy backed with another but now it is stand alone. I still have routine minor outages but they usually only last a minute or 2 , just minor annoyances except when you are in the middle of download or trying to watch something streaming.
  6. as it turns out they were doing a very slow upgrade to the tower i was on, It was piggy backed to another tower but is now online by itself, It only took them a month to straighten it out and I was only told about it AFTER it was all done. I had 3 seperate days with no conection, spent over 20 hours on hold with tech support. luckily all is well right now. I can see the tower from my dish and am less than 7KM from it, it is an easy connection and have great connectivity to the tower, it was the connection from the tower to the net that sucked, but that is supposedly better now. I have the 1.5M package and routinley am in the 1 to 1.2 area with the largest test.
  7. They have an recurring issue most of the time my speed hovers right around 1m. it 's justthat it is not reliable. I did 3 back to back tests this morning (5am) they range from .45M to 1.4M all in about a minute or so. If they just told the truth about what was going on I would cut them all the slack they ned, just stip lying and trying to blame me. My machine doesnt suddenly becomeinfested with spyware and virus while surfing on a safe site, fie one minute then no connection for 20. the problems seem to go away sometime later, after spending an hour or so on hold for tech no support.
  8. My AV, AS and anti Trojans are up to daet and ai scanevry day I do Kazaa, BT or or other P2P networks or downloads. I run a tight clean PC, I have cable nutand am optimised, Thats how i get decent speeds WHEN the network is up. They have an issue that they won't admitto, If they told me "there is an issue and we are working with Z to resolve it" I would be happy, I'm hgetting tired of " no problems I can see from here, it must be on your end, keep trying and see how it is tomorrow"
  9. half speed would be nice, had 3 hours this morning of no service, fron 6:55 amm to 9:55, spent over an hour an teh phone to tech support, They of course accussed me of having a problem. They appear to have an issue with their Hydro one backbone, Eithet they have not bought enough bandwidth or ther is an issue with connectivity. The level 2 tech finally ( 3 hours later) said they had a probem in teh area but it fixed itself , Ya right....
  10. Who cares if families are split up, they are not suppossed to be here anyways, get out and come back legal like I did. I'm going out and buying a new car today, made in america. illegals go home!
  11. according to the tech I was talking to 50% of what you pay for is what they consider normal. If that is normal then tell me I'm paying for .75 not 1.5. I think the crtc should regulate what speed is advertised, as a side note My dialup account was hardly ever over 28K but I'm In the boonies with 3 repeaters between me and the nearest switch so I was lucky to get that. Btw they must of fixed their issue as I am back up to normal 1.26M, but it is 4am so traffic is pretty low right now. My point and radio are fine, I pay extra for a reflector dish even though I was OK with out it, I have easy line of site and am less than 6km from the tower. The issue is between the tower and the net. The local reseller has been promoting like crazy so I wonder if it is a bandwidth availablity issue on their end.
  12. Been going thru this with them as well on the McGregor tower. I love how it is always at your end, They left me with no connection for over 24hours this month, they drop at least once a day, Then come back with about .2m of service. I've spent at least an hour on the phone to useless tech support three times, either they are stupid or they won't admit they have a problem. All I wanted last time was a progress report of when I could expect some speed back after they went off line earlier yesterday, They said I have a virus and there is nothing wrong with their end. They even claimed they were never off line but I have my logs. I have up to date AV software and scan before I call for help. I leave my PC on 24/7 and miraculously it must of fixed itself in the middle of the night cause it cam back to .9M today. Not great when you pay for 1.5 but for them that is the norm. A new wireless company just started up here so once they get a foot and reliable it
  13. Yesterday I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support because they wouldn't admit there was a problem between the tower and the net. They kept telling me the problem must be on my end claiming I had some kind of spyware or trojan, wrong, my machine is clean. I told them the problem arose right after the tower went offline, It never fully recovered. I had 56K dial-up speeds all day. All I wanted from tech support was to let them know there was still a problem if they didn't know and if they did know what kind of timeline for resolution. I though that was not unreasonable. tech support either knows nothing or they are unwilling to share. I have been to the "level2" tech several times and nothing ever comes of it. Oh BTW my computer must of healed itself because my speed is back this morning, well back to 75% anyway.I like how they tell me if I buy 1,5Meg I should be happy to get half of that. WRONG I pay for 1.5 meg I want 1.5 meg, particularly since I'm on line mostly at Off peak times like 4 am.
  14. I am on their McGregor tower just outside windsor, I bought their 1.5 meg service, at the best of times I could only get <5 meg of connection after several calls and emails to tech support, including 2 weeks of test logs from here, I finally got a tech that found the configuration problem on their end. I took 2 months to get this straightened out and the first thing all the tech support people did was blame me for having spyware, virus and trojans on my machine (which I dont) this monh the service has been terrible again, went for over 24 hours with no service because hydro one had a problem, I guess they don't have any back up or contingecy plans, like a ups or generator. today no service for 3 hours and now i have .3 megs Now I know why they want a $250 CASH only installation fee, They have to try to keep you here by not wanting to forfeit your money. Ther is a new game in town and one they get their feet wet for a few months all I can is goodbye to this uncaring unreliable ISP.
  15. ::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1081 Kbps about 1.1 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Download Speed is:: 132 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net Test Time:: Wed Feb 15 2006 15:28:57 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 19X faster than 56K 1MB download in 7.76 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 48.29 % faster than the average for host (134.245) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-EVYDZ3NKO This is mid afternoon on a wireless ( radio) connection out in the boonies of ontario, cost is 29/month +10 for equip rental. xplornet.com, 3 choices here sat for 80 /month, slow dialup usually only 24K or this.
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