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  1. i remembered back when I had ADSL 256kbps .... and had to pay monthly phone charges on top of the ADSL.
  2. https://testmy.net/mercury Is it being removed soon? I can't find the link on the menu anymore.
  3. Thanks. it seems to have its own "speed test" page. i downloaded 100 MB with ~43 mbps speed from the singapore server, at around 5PM. https://www.linode.com/speedtest
  4. Hello. I see there's an new singapore test server. May I know where it is physically located? Just curious. I'm getting about 80Mbps for download, which is decent I guess. It's suppose to be "peak hours" now in singapore, ~10 PM , GMT+8.
  5. i use an older version of opera (presto) for reading mostly text & some images, and RSS feeds. i'm still pissed that opera removed most of its features when it jumped to webkit.
  6. web... damn the javascript in tbhis new board code is madly slow in opera. and the reply box doesn't work with javascript turned off. wtf --- ^ i know it's bothersome but isn't that the point of permissions, to avoid misuse of files by hackers or other people who may be using your computer? although it is weird that an OS upgrade would make you lose your permissions if you usually login with admin/root privileges
  7. Let me get this straight.... IF someone buys anything from Windows Shop, he/she bascially installed online-DRM for Windows 10 , like Diablo 3's server crashing DRM?!? How is this ever a good idea? Someone should come up for hack for this, or something to completely remove Windows Shop files on a harddrive. From my point of view, it's Malware now.
  8. well... read the FAQ about flash-based tests? but if you really want to feel less cheated, turn on multi-thread and use mercury-test on a google or CDN server. the results SHOULD be similar.
  9. thanks. nice to know, but i currently have no devices that support the 802.11ac standard if that's what you meant. and probably won't get any unless i break my phone again or my notebook's finally HDD dies.
  10. so i spend a whole night tinkering with settings and saw no significant increase,at least not through the ethernet cable. called the other tech support number in the morning, and spent a rather challenging 18 minutes talking to a woman with a stereotypical indian-accent on a bad phoneline. it seems that downgrading my router's firmware solved the problem for whatever reason. reached 99mbps(download/upload) on starhub's own ookla test through the ethernet connection WITHOUT bypassing the shitty router. then i tested it on a USA server on testmy.net, and... the results vary. 11-20mbps for download,5-11 for upload. however wifi speeds still can't reach the maximum of 75mbps for my hardware(~12mbps on the ookla test). according to other subscribers of starhub , the DIR-850L router provided can't obtain optimal speeds with the 802.11n standard used on my notebook & tablet. the "best" solution is to spend 200+ SGD on an asus router,and ask a service tech to recognise the MAC address of the new router. meh.
  11. okay. i finally got about talking to starhub's tech support. apparently i can only get up to ~98 mbps IF i directly connect to the ONT/modem AND test my speed with a custom Ookla speedtest on their own website(broadbandspeedtest.starhub.com/speedtestv3.1/). ack. i tried speedtest.net again and got an even slower speed(2.4mbps) than before, but with a slightly higher upload speed of 16mbps. changing the testing server to viewquest got me 94mbps. a mercury speed test on www.starhub.com got me ~7.5 mbps. not much of difference compared to connecting through the router. :::.. Download Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 7482 Kbps or 7.5 Mbps Download Speed Test Size:: 15.6 MB or 16022 kB or 16406268 bytes Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 935 kB/s Tested At:: http://TestMy.net Version 15 Validation:: https://testmy.net/db/cgwWnt-a8 Client Stats:: https://testmy.net/quickstats/StandsWithStik https://testmy.net/compID/1071672723587 Test Time:: 2015-10-04 18:23:38 Local Time Client Location:: Singapore, SG SG https://testmy.net/city/singapore_sg Target:: www.starhub.com https://testmy.net/mX/HEnyF Client Host:: StarHub Cable Vision Ltd https://testmy.net/hoststats/starhub_cable_vision Compare:: 60% slower than host avg, 63% slower than city avg, 66% slower than country avg, 35% faster than world index 1MB Download in 1.1 Seconds - 1GB Download in ~19 Minutes - 134X faster than 56K This test of exactly 16022 kB took 17.572 seconds to complete User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:41.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/41.0 [!] he also mentioned i should try changing my "channel" when connecting to the router, and gave me a different number to call for router issues. i assume he meant the wifi frequency "channels", which shouldn't be a bloody problem since i connect through the ethernet port on my laptop. i never expect wifi speeds to be optimal. there's probably over 12 wifi connections near my home(not including any hidden one's i'm not snooping up) , crowding up the airwaves...
  12. for some reason, the reply box doesn't load right in opera presto. it only shows the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." area but the rest of it doesn't load, so i can't type anything. i suspect it's a javascript issue, or maybe presto renders CSS very differently compared to what this board's code was written for. works fine in firefox.
  13. 39 SGD/mth for 200mbps, with an option to use 100mbps cable internet. my hardware can't really support more than 100mbps though. actual speed is similar to Mobileone's 100mbps subscription, but lower upload speeds for some reason. and for once in my lifetime, speedtest.net gave a me a similar result! === btw, could you make this new forum code work without javascript/webkit?
  14. taken many automated tests for the last few months. still kind of unstable. usually taking ~ 30 minutes to connect to the internet after i startup my pc. still not reaching advertised max. speed of 100mbps. the sudden "jump" in speed is because i tried doing a multi-server test on USA servers several minutes ago.
  15. call me a weak-willed dreamer, but little kim makes me feel like i'm living in the last socialist paradise on earth.
  16. i'm jealous.when my old school first connected to the internet ~1996, they probably couldn't get more than 56kbps, shared among 30 computers in 1 room.
  17. https://testmy.net/host-max/mobileone i looked at the stats for my isp. they supposedly should have maximum 1Gbps download speeds but nobody who tried that plan tested it here??? that or any connection overseas is severely throttled. other related providers. https://testmy.net/list?q=mobileone https://testmy.net/list?q=m1
  18. tech support told me they'll get back to me on the previous hiccup, but never did. similar problem on the same day. took about 20 minutes before i could load twitter and google, but mobileone's own website couldn't load for some insane reason,and then it failed to load any more pages for several minutes. now i'm getting a stable enough connection to load test.my.net. apparentally my download speed should be ~5mbps now . doesn't make any sense. pretty sure 10PM GMT+8 in singapore on a weekday is not peak period, and there's no holiday. heck ,we have the fewest holidays in the whole world. this is really pushing my lower than low expectations.
  19. it's "hilariously" slower to connect to an asian server than to washington. TIA?
  20. 2nd day in a roll that mobileone has trouble connecting in the interwebz, during non-peak hours. most annoying part was that both times, the phone operator told me there was "nothing wrong with my connection" when not a single page could load for 40 mintues ++(it only connected after they finally called their techs). each time i had to tell them to go contact their technicians already, i'm not resetting my modem again and again just to amuse their victim-shaming habits, and every single time i had to remind them i don't use a router at all. they keep blaming my non-existent imaginary router! fuck ths shit. i'm changing isp when this contract's over. unfortunately all the consumer isps on the isle seem to have have agreed on a minimum price for fibre broadband, so i can't find a cheaper deal right now. if this isn't a monopoly, i dunno wtf is.
  21. it's in my signature now. i'm actually "okay" with this speed, since they used to to charge me 10 SGD more per month for 10mbps cable, before i finally got a fiber line. what i'm not okay with, is that they keep doing server maintenance without ever informing their customers and posting the schedule on their website. and the tech support is also never informed about their maintenance timings. also i got more uptime when i was using an ADSL line back in 2011.
  22. https://testmy.net/compID/16062578520108 Avg. download: 7.2 mbps. Max. download: 34.3 mbps . Advertised max. speed: 100 mbps, for home fiber broadband, 1 year, from MobileOne. Paid: 39 singapoor dollars/month Feels kind of ripped off, since there's an isp which cost 10 dollars less per month for the same speed soon after i signed up. the competitor's tech support is terrible though, as in i'm almost never able to get through the line in under 1 hour. and the supposedly cheaper 2-year deals would force me to pay for tv channels i don't watch after the first few months.
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