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  1. FIRST, call your credit card company and tell them what's going on. That the services rendered don't match what's promised... they should put all payments into a credit for you and open a file with your dispute. Check it out!
  2. A member is _sure_ that D'way is faster... Well, my tests _are_ ridiculous: :::..Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 57 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 97 kB) Download Speed is:: 7 kB/s :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 51 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 97 kB) Upload Speed is:: 6 kB/s But, there's alot more to it than the tests... it must have something to do with how fast the back and forth conversations between my system and whatever server it's talking to goes Now, with a grand total of one day with ISDN, here's an update of how it's compared with my 6000's speed over the past three months... Accessing my email off the server with Mailwasher Pro, bouncing and deleting spam off the server is at least 10X faster with ISDN. Downloading legitimate mail via Outlook Express is about 3X faster. Dealing with https pages is probably 1.5X faster. Refreshing a normal web-page is about .75X (slower) Connecting to the business system (not VPN) that was the whole purpose behing trying D'way is easily 10X faster. Basically, I'm amazed! After all the time spent lurking this forum, doing the few tweaks available to 6000 owners, the countless hours with D'way level 2, the two service calls after installation to try to speed things up, being granted two extensions on the *30 day window*, etc., and now to get better speeds for _my needs_ with a $5.00 ebay ISDN modem (3ComImpactIQ) and $24.95/mo. with a local ISP. Anyway, we'll have DSL in about 6 months, I posted yesterday for the benefit, I hoped, of folks who need speed for anything but massive web-based downloading, like remote office work, or other two way speed needs. Take care, Karl
  3. We got D'way to connect to another system... it worked only slightly better than 56K dialup, the time from making a keystroke to seeing it appear on the moniter was over 1.5 seconds. In a last ditch effort to make _something_ work we just tested out ISDN. The difference is amazing! Part of it is the latency, but I believe that the _faster_ upload is making most of the difference. Now I've got the ammo to get out of D'way's contract owing nothing (I'm on my 2nd *30 day* extension!), because this shows that their service (in this instance) is _slower_ than dial-up (figuring that ISDN is still *dial-up*). Now, to be fair, downloading web pages, etc. is definitely much slower, but for anyone who needs to interact with another system (remote desktop) ISDN is the way to go! Until we get DSL in 6 months, Karl
  4. Or wait 6-8 weeks for http://www.skyamerica.net if you're in the Eastern 1/3rd of the continent
  5. This forum is so obviously the place for D'way issues... just check out the main forum page and compare the topic/posts numbers. With so many tweaks, questions and responses scattered through multiple topic threads; let's keep this thread open only to posting up-to-date, proven tweaks... with totally basic step-by-step directions that anyone can follow. Let's make it clear whether they're intended for 4000 or 6000 systems, and if there are potential compatibility issues with other tweaks. Let's cover what the purpose of any specific tweak is, and what kind of results one should expect. Let's not fill it with everyone's test results or questions... Open a new topic/thread for that! So... Tweak Gurus... what do you say?
  6. So even on the in-house test... Your current connection rate DIRECWAY
  7. I find little mention of firewall recommendations... other than the references to Zonealarm maybe (not) causing problems. My installer today said there's no need for a firewall!... I find this hard to believe. What should I do _now_? And what's the _best _ approach? Karl
  8. Thanks Aggr3, My 1st concern is security... suggestions for firewall? What's the router option mentioned in prior posts? And no, I'm not exactly ecstatic at the moment, but it is better than my dialup was.
  9. Hi all, Just set-up today... Is there a *basics* file to start with? Karl
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