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  1. Hello Everybody.. Hope you are doing well... Well.... back to testmy after around 2 months, ahhh!!! Feels great It will remain one of my favorite sites So, coming to the point, I need to cut a part from a mp3 file format and need to retain the file in the same format. Please tell me some application Would appreciate some replies Thanks
  2. Sorry i got late in my reply... so,,,... i have changes the brands. its not a bad brand match.... actually it has stoped working. well not to worry now. i contacted my vendor. it's in warranty period he will get it repaired .. YO Thanks to all by the way
  3. Well!!! I am having some problem in my SONY DVD WRITER. It was working fine few days back. But now i am unable to write DVD's from it. Though DVD-RW can be perfectly recorded but having some problem in DVD-R. I have wasted over 10 DVD's now. now looks serious and confusing too. when i write DVD-R after 1% it shows power calliberation error. but i can write DVD-RW. no probs with it. can anybody plz help me Thank u
  4. well!!! i know i am replying very late. was away. so back to the topic. try cleaning the card with some solution or something and also the slot of the card try washing the card with a detergent. he he just kidding
  5. well. u have to keep ur CPU's clean. Dust affects it in a very bad way.N yea rxdriv3r just check if ur processor's fan is working or not.... if yes then there is some prob with ur windows. reinstall it
  6. thanks a lot guys i'm looking forward to buy a 6200 or 6600. I will finalize the deal when i will go to some dealer. thanks a lot for such useful comments
  7. Thanks resopalrabotnick. Actually budget is less then Rs.2k (50$ app.). i need to run some basic games. As i told u earlier also that i am thinking to sell my computer in beginning of next year. so there is no point of investing that much money on this piece of shit. that's why i will prefer a basic card, most probably xfx 6200.
  8. thanks a lot guys. i think i will go for 7300 GT. But the prob is it can go outta my budget. the price here is reasonable but in my country i.e. India i don't think that i will get rates like this.. it will surely touch clouds can anybody tell me for how much will i get 7300 gt or xfx 6200 in India? i would be thankful to u
  9. thanks noble but this 7200 .... hmmm as i can see on www.tigerdirect.com it can't be installed on an AGP motherboard. am i right? My motherboard supports agp 8x. can 7200 be installed on it?
  10. hmmmm......... can u tell me some card from Nvidia
  11. so i need one which is less priced*
  12. Hi everybody. i am back after a long time nice to see those forums which i started previously. well coming to the point... i need help from my seniors members here. i am planning to buy a graphics card. i have a very low budget . actually i need to sell my computer in beginning of next year and my graphics card has been damaged physically. so i need one in which i priced less I have following desktop config: intel 845 ge chipset motherboard 2.4 ghz processor 760 mb of RAM one AGP 8x slot plz reply me with ur opinions i would be thankful to u
  13. thanks mr leftfutbrakin but there is no option to convert the file in 3gp
  14. Can avi file be converted into 3gp? if yes then plz tell me how. thank u
  15. Thank u Mr. solid snake. u are great
  16. i completed my 17 in march.
  17. Give me the name of software dude. not the links. My god what has happened to TMN. i am afraid about it's future
  18. I prefer a software. can u plz name. i have a slow internet connection that's why asking for the software. i can't afford to spend that much time on uploading and then downloading
  19. isn't there a software which can convert the file?
  20. Hi, I have to put some videos in my motorola V3i. Those video's are of around 30-40 mb each. This size is too large to be put up in mobile. can anybody tell me how can i reduce the quality of the video or any other alternate way to it. i would be thankful to u. Thnx
  21. No i didn't try to write a dvd. I have heard this kinda error for the first time. plzzzz help me.n sir, what do u mean by " Pehle download toh karle"? plz explain in detail. thanks
  22. Yes i have virtual drive. but does that makes any difference/???? i am sure i am clicking the right drive
  23. Hi All TMN members. I got a new Sony DVD writer. When i insert a blank cd into it and click the drive in 'my computer', i can see an error saying, "Not accesible. Incorrect function." can anybody plz tell me what the problem is? I will be very thankful to u. Thanks
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