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  1. most probably is just-, btw has your area had dslmax enables as mine has any just been regraded and wondering how long does it take
  2. everything is know installed but when ever i open MovieMaker and choose capture video it just frezes and i have to restart is there something wrongs as the drivers have not been accepted by xp or sothing that screen came on and i said continue
  3. had to re-post as 4got to delete ip address grr
  4. here is a screen shot of what i see on my screen
  5. well it says on it easy tv capture and a black thingy (chip) Conexant 878a, but i seem to have found the cd but all it does when i open tv capture software to viw tv it just freezez and no mouse movement and i have to restart why is that
  6. heya guys, Well i have a URGENT problem, I brought a pci tv tuner cards from ebay, i installed it then a few months later my pc crashed and i needed to re-install. And guess what (you sussed it) i have lost the cd (drivers one). And the person on ebay is not answering the emails, i have put it in and windows asks for drivers but i dont know which 1s and i cang google it cuz i dont know what to google. i know it is got a conexant chip innit or summot but there webby is not very useful lol. PLEASE HELP pm's welcome EVEN IF YOU THINK YOUR REPLY IS STUPID AND NON-RELATIVE STILL POST IT, IT MYT BE USEFUL.
  7. I think it does as in time the nic probably gets like warn out, and the best way to keep it running peak performance is to replace it, and also in time the newer nic's support faster speeds like first they were 1mb then 10mb then 100mb then 1000mb and soon THE BiGGiE 1TB
  8. I am currently using a BT_Voyager 2091 Router and I heard you can bypass it and connect directly to the net which can speed things up. How can you do this???? Regards FiberOptic
  9. Hello, well i have downloaded upto episode 13using Limewire but episode 14+ arent there and I thaught is there anyway og getting them as I am in the UK, and we are on episode 7. I will use anythink Torrents whatever, I have tried ebay they dont have them either. Please guys and NO SPOILERS lol...
  10. well im on dsl aswell and see my scores as in the sig, had crappy speeds like that just use the CableNut app and create a custom file for your connection, by the way do a anti-virus and spyware scan and clean the registry that usually has errors init causing the pc to run slowere meaning internet will go slow aswell.
  11. CACHED- Clear the temporary internet files, and this could be caused by a firewall try taking it of and re-test DONT USE THE BACK KEY
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