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  1. http://www.nokia.com/NOKIA_COM_1/Popups_and_other_pages_with_unassigned_parent/zz_HSDPA_demo/hsdpa_hi_250_15fps.wmv
  2. Is that on EDGE or HSPDA or Standard 3g. As in the UK the first HSPDA Phones are about but no-one with the technologies. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/05/02/hspda_market_forecasts/
  3. way: I vote on behalf of the UK again..... On Behalf of The UK FiberOptic
  4. LOL the english are to busy with their scones and posh golf clubs... to notice that there name has been signed in a petition... (sorry if i offend anyone )
  5. Indestructable lol GET FIREFOX!! NOW!!! I COMMAND YOU! Please, won't you? Do it for the other guys using firefox..1,000,000 downloads can't be wrong!!! your sig has got internet explorer init lol
  6. btw the 360Share is based on teh same GUI and has just been edited slightly... anyone know what networks it connects to as.... LimeWire & BearShare use gnutella....
  7. P2p - There is no such thing as the "fastest"... Because it all depends on teh uploader. if he/she has allocated unlimited bandwidth then you will se around 65% of their upload speed. and also they might be downloading a file. some like limewire have an option to choose a type of connection so it can squeeze every little bit of performance out of the connection. Same with torrents. the more seeders the better. like limewire it claims to be the "fastest" but all depends on several things....... like who else is also downloading the file (leechers in torrents cases) and alot other things....
  8. some nice speeds in here for dsl...
  9. I advise you also go with the cable isp as you can understand that with dsl you have speed limitations.... as most cable lines can take ful 180mbps without even needs of adjusting any software or stuff.
  10. Thats is nice... Come on UK .... well il be honest the UK Cable suppliers are catching up... with 25Mb this september.
  11. Im too! late.. but anyone who needs my vote... il vote on behalf of everyone in the uk for you..... seen as there is not alot of people from uk in here. so here you go! On Behalf of The UK FiberOptic
  12. a big thanx to everyone who has helped me today whether it was actually making the ftp server and actually testing it a big thank you goes to dlewis23 and php for al there help at the start trying to understand what i was talking about.lol so i will keep you posted on any updates i have made and anything i want to share with you guys .lol
  13. sorry dlewis23 lol... your probably thinking get of my case lol... Username : ftpuser password: tester sorry im getting confused... lol i have been on the computer for like 24hrs know nonstop and now im finally sorted at last... so if you wouldnt mind checking that and then getting back to me.... and hopefully when i get my upgrade next year it should be slighly faster.... lol anyways thanks for all your help today... if you need anythink you know where i am lol.....
  14. ohh do i need a router.. as i am using cable and that came with only a modem... btw dlewis23 could you do me another quick favour... visit the site again.... and see if it lets you logon without a user... and if it dosent try: username: ftptest password: tester.. and let me know please....
  15. how do i get one of those dyndns or whatever thing....
  16. [ftp=][/ftp]
  17. lol will be posting some more wallpapers.. these were basics... also i have uploaded some apps .. basic stuff
  18. Btw what do you guys think of the HD wallpapers...
  19. 238kbps is ok seen as your in the usa just need some UK users to test and see if they hit 300+
  20. thats shoudl work....
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