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  1. Hey there, I discovered this website today looking for alternatives to Ookla's speed test and I like it. My only complain is that every server is foreign to my country (IT), thus resulting in high latency, I hope new servers will be added and among those some (or at least one) will also be located in Italy, but whatever. So far I've been testing my connection with the server located in GB and the one located in Germany, both of them pretty much good (except my connection yesterday and today has been slowed down because we're moving to a new house and the Internet line transfer has started), I can't wait to try this speed test on my LTE connection tomorrow morning in the other house (where the signal is much stronger) and more tests in different areas of my town. Said that, good luck for the website and please consider adding an Italian server aswell so we can get some lower latency tests too
  2. Hey guys, this is the best upload speed I've ever reached here in this site, along with one of the worst download speed I've ever reached.... 50/50 I must say, things seems balanced.
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