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  1. And mudmanc4, I just checked and there is no cap on my TW account. Chat just confirmed that downloads and uploads with my plan were "unlimited." But thank you for the concern! Best, drddml
  2. Oh, and the autotest almost never works for me: it's too big (40 something gigs). Test of around 36-38 gigs runs some of the time. Those over 40, almost never.
  3. Dear CA3LE Sorry for wasting your bandwith (and mine). The reason for my insane behavior: On downloads, they work for me about about 10-20 times in a row, and then they don't work about 10-15 times in a row. When the downloads don't work, they start but stop somewhere between 50% & 90% complete. The problem isn't degradation through overuse at one time. Each day when I start the tests, I usually can't complete a download the first 10-15 times. Then it works, for a while, stops working, works, stops working, etc. The reason for so many tests is that I keep moving my comput
  4. I used to use Earthlink, which was very slow. I recently upgraded to a faster TW plan. I would like to delete my old earthlink results, because they merely distort the recent upload and download speed that I've been getting. Is there a way to do it? Thanks to anyone who offers helpful advice! Best, drdml
  5. Earthlink, my old service provider, was very slow, I recently changed to faster service from TW. Is there a way that I can removed the old Earthlink results? They are of of no relevance to me, and they distort the summaries of of my downward and upload speeds. Thanks to anyone who can offer a solution! Best, drdml \\
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