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    WAP54G Questions..

    ahh.. maybe ill try to use the one as repeater while its DHCP is off.. I will try..
  2. wak_wak

    WAP54G Questions..

    Guys i own 1 WAP54G before, but when i decided to move my room far from the WAP54G i get poor signal, now i decide to add one near my room, but when i turned on the new WAP54G, my wifi gone insane, i cannot connect to the both WAP54G, but when i turned off the new one, i can connect again with my old one.. Are the new WAP54G interfering with the old WAP54G? They are set at the same Channel (11). If changing Channel solve my problem? I'll put the new one to Channel 6 maybe. I still in the office now, ill try it when im home, i hope somebody can give me an advice. Thank u
  3. now i configure my router and in the status it said im connected, so now im going to run this command on both computer "start -> run type cmd press enter -> type ipconfig /all press enter?"
  4. my service provider provided me a username and a password everytime i logon..
  5. on my router what should i use? obtain ip automatically or the PPPoE?
  6. yeah, i have done it already.. After plugging the modem to the router then plugging the cables for the 2 pc, what should i do? Network wizard? im using Windows XP.. thanx
  7. or maybe i configure the router in a wrong way ( i use the cd when i configure it), can someone help me how to configure it in other way step by step.. thanx
  8. Hello guys, i need a help for my connection, i just sucessfuly connected two PC's using a router (linksys BEFSR41), the problem is the two PC's got different speed, PC1 had 256 Kbps but PC2 had only 16 Kbps, what should i do? i cant access the router using the can someone help me with this, how could i set the router so they would have the same speed. thanks alot
  9. maybe he want to piss off someone =P peace =)
  10. how could i use http://dban.sourceforge.net/? after downloading this? double click then it will deploy? and if i'll save it to a cd? thanx
  11. hello guys, just got back from out of town, ill try to follow ur advice, hope it will work.. thanx
  12. what u mean by IPSEC? where can i find it?
  13. i scaned my PC several times with Norton 2006, search and destroy, spyblaster and ewido. But still i cant ping or run tracert, even i got this problem my PC is running fine, im just worried =(
  14. until now i cant use cmd and ping, but my pc is working properly. maybe someone lock it or i dont know =(
  15. i just finish scanning then i tried to ping, same thing, ping is not a valid Win32 application =( how could i repair Win32? can i fix this by using the Windows installer and press repair?
  16. @j3grizz Yes i tried Start/Run/type cmd/then type tracert www.testmy.net and i got access denied. Im the administrator of my PC, i have the full access, i cant ping or use any command, i got access denied. Not valid Win32 application.
  17. I found this tracert testmy.net >C:trace.txt command somewhere here in the forums, but when i tried to execute the command, i got Access Denied and even i tried to ping and still Access Denied. Message said cmd is not valid Win32 application. I tried to run cmd.exe and i got in the command promt, but when i try to execute ping or tracert, access denied again help
  18. i'll follow your advices guys, i guess adding some MB in my memory will fix the problem. Thanx! another question for you guys, Is there a program or software that can monitor the performance of your canopy antenna? Im using a canopy antenna for my internet connection, i just want to check once in a while if its working properly. thanx again!
  19. i fixed the ctrl+alt+del thing. thanx guys!
  20. @cholla thanx for the help and the link you gave me was very helpful. got another problem, when you hit ctrl+alt+del the task manager will appear, right? but when i press the ctrl+alt+del the task manager will not appear another program will pop out. what should i do? thanx!
  21. i will replace my 128 with two 256 next week. thanx for the suggestion.
  22. Thanx guys, its a great help, ive done it already. What would be the maximum? This depends on your memory, right? My RAM is 128 MB. Right now i set it to 142 MB minimum and 350 MB maximum. suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Another question, how could i check if my 2.0 GHz processor is working on its maximum? its celeron and im using XP. Thanx!
  23. Hello Guys, How could i increase my virtual memory? And when im opening multiple sites my PC slows down, what should i do? Thanx!
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