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  1. sorry for the delay in your answer The hardrives range in size I have I think the largest is a 20 I may have a 40, have a few 5 and7.5 prices vary from $20 up or would make you a deal on all I have but have to go thru the room to see what I have as many still in the cases a few out may have a few new ones never used? Have to take a look Im in ohio so shipping you could get a qoute from who you want to use
  2. Its worth every cent its stable Tiger makes it roar the power macs are nice but these IMacs with the dual core 2.0 intel makes the G5 something of the past I feel
  3. tell me what you need as I have over 50 from 3 gigs up to 40 what price range I have maxtor, western digital, etc
  4. I am trying to decide which satellite provider I should use as we have no other options but dial up I have been a apple user since the 70s and now run a I Mac with the dual intel processor which screams even faster then my sons AMD 3200 series and no worrys about running virus scans etc as I have never had problems with apple, but my sons pc, its a target for all the bugs out there. The only thing I havent done with a apple is run a satellite connection and trying to find the best system for the best monthly service fees Unasat blows them all away no fair acess policy but pricey, i saw it a a show a while back monthly fees from $76 for 500 down 128 up goes all the way to almosy $900 a month for 5MB down 800 kbs up thats a rich mans item there running on a surf beam but way to rich for this man but the $76 service is comparable to the rest but equipment doubles the price of the others also so direcway or starband which would do my mac the best? since wildblue has problems and it looks as its going down every where Thanks
  5. Im not sure if this is where I post for what Im looking for as new to the site I have a hughes personal earth station GM-6800, this is just the ODU transmitter and lnb. it looks like the new units on the commerical systems they sell now with the round dish. I am wondering will this work to set up a direcway system, as though i have been into microwave and satellite equipment from the early 70s Im not very knowledgeable with hughes equipment except with the old direct pc systems, and GTE known as gilat - straband. I am on a farm and trying to figure out which way to go, starband, direcway. wildblue is not up and running here even though i have my certificate to install wildblue they are not in service in are areas so thats a no go plus there is unasat which can get pretty pricey . well to get back on track anyone know anything about the hughes PES i have everything to get up and running if this unit is compatable with direcway and since hughes has now taken over direcway I am figureing it may just do it even though its a older unit the freq etc are the same I am guessing its a 2 watt BUC . I run both PCs and Macs on the farm which shouldnt make a difference with the DW 6000-7000 any help with this PES would be helpful Thanks
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